Business Continuity Services

Business continuity services have become much more prevalent today than in previous years, simply because there are many more points of failure due to the vast array of technology we heavily rely on each day.

What is at Risk?

According to, 25% of businesses do not reopen following a major event. However, even minor disruptions can cause significant damage to your business if you don’t have a business continuity plan or solution in place. Hackers are targeting businesses of all sizes and small businesses, in particular, are at risk of security threats to their network.

Business Continuity Services
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Identify Hidden Security Loopholes in Your Network

For a 100% complementary audit of your current network, infrastructure, server(s), PC’s, backup, security performance, reliability and a Q&A session with our network consultant, register for a Free Network Discovery.

If you want to maximize your chances of a quick recovery while minimizing your losses, it can pay dividends to invest company resources into developing a business continuity plan and mdm solution.

According to Gartner analyst David Willis, over 60% of employees globally say they’ve used a personal device at work..

With the rising trend of BYOD, it’s becoming the rule, rather than the exception in today’s workplace.

While BYOD is a great convenience to your employees, you need to consider how it will affect your network security before fully adopting it into your workplace.

Whether you’re fully on board the BYOD trend, you have questions about mobile device management, or you’re still on the fence, the following resources will provide you with BYOD tips and advice to keep your network secure in today’s mobile workplace.

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