Cut Your Costs with Business VOIP Solutions

Even in the age of internet and instant messaging, telephone communication remains a key part of doing business.

From the smallest startup to the largest multinational corporation, every firm needs a sound business phone system.

Today, many small businesses are choosing robust business VOIP solutions.

At Ontech Systems, we specialize in providing businesses with end-to-end IT support, including the best simple small business phone system – VOIP solutions.

Business VOIP Solutions
VOIP technology has come a long way in recent years, with falling prices and enhanced capabilities. The combination of lower prices and higher quality has put business VOIP solutions within reach for many small businesses, and chances are it is the right solution for your organization as well.

What Does VOIP Stand For?

The IT world is full of acronyms, and VOIP is just one more example. The acronym stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and the name is a perfect description of what it does.

What is VOIP and What is It Used For?

Business VOIP solutions use an internet connection to facilitate voice calls. In its most basic terms, VOIP means getting your phone service over the internet, and there are both home and business solutions available.

VOIP can be used for a number of different applications, including home phone service. Many consumers now use VOIP for their home phone service, but this solution is most often found in the world of business.

What is a VOIP Phone Line and Why is it So Appealing to Small Businesses?

When your business gets its phone service from a local telephone company, the signals being sent back and forth are all analog. Those analog telephone signals are as old as the telephone itself, but technological advances have created new and better commercial phone systems for small businesses.

Unlike traditional analog signals from the local phone company, a VOIP system uses digital signals. Those signals can then be sent over the internet, just like the rest of your company’s data.

How Do Business VOIP Solutions Work?

As you might expect, VOIP uses your internet connection to provide telephone service. Instead of a traditional phone line, a VOIP system relies on your internet connection, so it is important to make sure your internet speed is sufficient to handle the load.

The good news is that a typical internet connection should be all you need to make VOIP work. As long as you have a reasonably fast and stable internet connection, you should have no trouble with a digitally based phone system.

In technical terms, a VOIP system works by turning analog telephone signals into digital signals. These digital signals are then sent over the internet, creating a strong and stable telephone connection. The voice quality of a good VOIP system is as good as, and often better than, that of your local phone company.

Traditional Phone Systems vs. VOIP – Why Make the Switch?

More and more businesses are making the switch from traditional phone service to VOIP, but the question remains – is the change really advantageous? Why should you make the switch and what advantages can your organization gain?

There are a number of potential benefits for organizations of all sizes. Business VOIP solutions are more affordable than ever before, and lower prices have led to the rising number of businesses searching for business VOIP providers.

Compared to traditional phone service, a quality VOIP solution can provide lower costs month after month. VOIP service typically costs less than the same type of service from the phone company. Those lower costs can really add up over time, creating a big advantage for organizations that make the switch to VOIP.

Businesses that switch to VOIP can also save money on long-distance and cross-border calls. This is a big deal, especially for businesses with long distance offices and managers who need to communicate across time zones.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using VOIP in Business?

There are a number of potential advantages to VOIP solutions compared to traditional phone service, but there are some possible drawbacks as well. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and challenges of implementing a VOIP phone system for your small business.


When it comes to business phone systems for small business, advantages of switching to a VOIP solution include:

  • Lower costs: VOIP phone service is typically much less expensive than comparable service from the phone company. Depending on the number of local and long distance calls they make, businesses who transition to VoIP often see a 25-50% savings off their monthly phone bill!
  • Greater capabilities: VOIP systems have a number of capabilities that traditional phone companies simply do not offer.
  • Automatic call routing: With a VOIP system, incoming calls can be automatically routed to your VOIP phone, regardless of your physical location.
  • Facilities remote work: Employees equipped with VOIP equipment can work from anywhere, including their own homes.


There are a few potential disadvantages to implementing a VOIP system, including:

  • Conversion costs: The cost of converting an existing phone system to VOIP can be high for large organizations with a lot of individual connections.
  • Training requirements: VOIP solutions will require some training to get staff acquainted with the new system.
  • Reliance on an internet connection: Since VOIP works over the internet, your phone service will be dependent on the quality and stability of your internet connection.
  • Latency: Some VOIP solutions are subject to latency, but you can largely avoid that problem by choosing a top quality supplier. Ontech Systems is an authorized reseller of Allworx VOIP services, one of the best VOIP providers in the industry.

If you’re looking to cut costs and reduce your monthly phone bill, the stability, low cost and exceptional features of a small business VOIP solution may be a great option for your organization. Ontech Systems can help you design a VOIP solution that is perfect for your business.

Contact our sales team online or by phone at (262) 522-8560 today to learn more about VOIP and what it can do for your small business. With five Allworx certified technicians on staff, since 2008, Ontech Systems has been the largest Allworx partner in the state of Wisconsin.

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