The bring your own device (BYOD) trend has significantly grown over the past 5 years – and it’s no wonder.

byod statisticsAccording to Fliplet, businesses gain a whopping 240 extra hours of work per year when they implement BYOD in the workplace.

That’s the equivalent of $5,114 in extra work or 6 additional working weeks – per employee!

When children born today enter the workforce, it’s very possible the idea of a company owned device will be completely foreign to them.

The days of investing thousands of dollars in the clunky hardware your parents grew up with are numbered. A revolution in mobility is not coming – it’s already here!

Is BYOD Right for your Organization?

A Cisco study revealed that 69% of IT decision makers in the U.S. feel this trend is a positive move for their organization.

Whether you’re intimidated by the concept or still hanging onto the “good ol’ days” of traditional desktop computers, check out these surprising statistics. Regardless of how you feel, they’ll give you a unique look at the trending workplace of today – and into the future.

BYOD is Here (to Stay)

It’s no secret an increasing number of people are ditching their old PC’s in favor of mobile devices. The moment this mobile trend began trickling into the workplace, it forever changed the way we work. As you read these statistics, you’ll see why BYOD not going away anytime soon.

  • According to Microsoft, 67% of workers use their personal devices in the workplace. (Source: CBS MoneyWatch)
  • By 2017, 50% of companies will require employees to provide their own devices for their jobs. (Source: reported by Gartner)
  • Between 2013 and 2018, the global BYOD security market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 31.95%. (Source: Market Research Reports)


When businesses adopt BYOD into their workplace, productivity soars!

  • 49% of employees say they are more productive using their own devices.
    (Source: Forbes)
  • 78% of employees believe using a single mobile device for data access, helps them balance their personal and professional lives. (Source: Samsung)
  • 82% of workers surveyed believe in the years to come, smartphones will play a critical role in employee productivity. (Source: IBM survey)


If you’re concerned about security in your mobile workplace, you should be. Check out these starting statistics about the risks of BYOD.

While BYOD does have risks, the benefits far outweigh the risks. In addition, if you integrate a mobile device management (MDM) solution into your business, you can experience all the benefits of BYOD, with none of the risks.

  • The #1 weakest security risk for businesses is mobile devices.
    (Source: CyberEdge Group)
  • 57% of organizations consider the most likely source of an attack to be employees. (Source: EY)
  • 56% of enterprises believe they are unlikely to detect a sophisticated threat. (Source: EY)
  • On average, 2,000 or more unsafe, malicious apps are installed on large enterprise employees’ mobile devices. (Source: Veracode)
  • 35% of employees store their work passwords on their smartphone. (Source: SecureEdge Networks)

The “Wild West” of BYOD

Since BYOD is still a “relatively” new concept for employers, there are an abundance of security gaps, risks and oversights throughout organizations of all sizes.

how many companies use byod

Imagine a workplace where there is no BYOD policy, yet employees’ phones contain access sensitive business data. In this workplace, employees are free to install any app they want, regardless of how safe it is.

If the device is lost or stolen, the employer has no way to retrieve or remotely wipe the data – it’s just gone. And when employee resign? You guessed it – they take the sensitive business data with them.

If the #1 weakest security risk for businesses is mobile devices, it’s no wonder hackers are targeting businesses. These statistics showcase the “Wild West” of BYOD that is still very alive today.

  • BYOD is Largely Unmanaged: 80% of all BYOD is completely unmanaged.
    (Source: SecureEdge Networks).
  • Employees are Unaware of the Risks: 77% of employees report they did not receive information on the risks of using their own devices in the workplace. (Source: AllThingsD)
  • Employers Don’t Know Who is Accessing their Network: Less than 10% of all organizations report they are completely aware of what devices access their networks. (SecureEdge Networks)
  • Businesses Lack a BYOD Policy: Only 64% of companies currently have a BYOD policy in place. (Source: Avaya Professional Services)

If you don’t want to expose your business to the inherent risk of BYOD, consider a mobile device management solution.

Achieve the Benefits of BYOD – without the Risk

To understand the impact of BYOD on your Milwaukee area business, including establishing policies and procedures, give our Ontech Systems support team a call at (262) 522-8560, connect with us online or request a Free Network Discovery.

Through this no-obligation Free Network Discovery assessment, our techs will evaluate your IT network, offer solutions to your most pressing issues, and identify potential vulnerabilities – at no cost to you.

Our techs are highly qualified and experienced in the BYOD space and mobile device management.

We can handle all the details and help you make your workplace BYOD-friendly, while keeping security threats out of your business.

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