What is Cloud-Based File Sharing?

We’re taking a closer look at cloud-based file sharing to see how this rapidly growing technology can help your Milwaukee area business. The term ‘cloud-based file sharing’ sounds more intimidating than it really is.

Simply put, this technology provides the business with a secure files transfer solution and gives employees access company data, regardless of location or device.

Employees want easy access to the tools necessary to do their jobs, but at the same time, businesses don’t want to put their data at risk.

Cloud-based file sharing not only provides employees with 24/7 access to company data, but it does so securely, without putting your business at risk – through secure file sharing and business cloud storage.

The benefits of cloud based file sharing

In today’s mobile-enabled business environment, employees can access company data from a myriad of locations:

  • While visiting a client
  • Commuting to and from work
  • In a coffee shop working from a mobile device
  • 35,000 feet in the air on a flight to a business conference

Contrast this to a traditional work setting where productivity and file access is limited to on-site office hours, and it’s easy to see why so many businesses are moving to a cloud-enabled work environment.

If you’re considering whether now is the time to mobilize your workforce, consider the top seven ways cloud-based file sharing can take your business to the next level. Chances are good you’ll be moving to the cloud in no-time.

Effortless Accessibility

With cloud-based file sharing, file access can be granted (or limited) around the clock

  • In the evening when everyone has gone home to recharge for the next day ahead
  • On weekends when an employee needs to complete a job in time for a Monday meeting
  • On holidays when urgent business needs to be attended to

Cloud file-sharing means your staff members can function on all cylinders around the clock, regardless of their location or device they are using.

Improved Workforce Productivity

When employees don’t have to wait for assistance from the IT department to complete basic functions of their job, their productivity soars. Knowing the data they need is just a tap away allows staff to focus on what matters most: helping customers, driving sales and doing their job effectively. If you like the idea of supercharging your workplace productivity, enterprise file sharing capabilities are an absolute must.

Improved Team Collaboration – File Sharing for Business

Just as cloud technology leads to a more productive workforce, it can also improve the rate at which your team collaborates with one another.

  • Multiple employees can work on the same project through document sharing and collaboration
  • Teams can access and send files through secure file upload as needed
  • Files can be managed, tracked and organized more effectively – no more email blasts to team members each time a file is updated
  • Staff in different locations can develop customer solutions as a team – no more time-intensive traveling to gather around a boardroom table just to iron out solutions.

With cloud-based file management as a solution, team members can gather around a virtual boardroom table and collaborate whenever they need to. Collaboration in the cloud; take productivity to the next level.

Improved Client Satisfaction, Security and Peace of Mind

We’ve covered the benefits of cloud-based file sharing for employees, but did you know clients could benefit from this technology as well? When your workforce can do their job more efficiently, client satisfaction drastically improves:

  • Staff and clients can collaborate on files and access them at a moment’s notice
  • Clients can avoid the frustration of undeliverable emails due to large file sizes
  • Clients gain peace of mind knowing their files are secure – avoid the embarrassment of explaining to your client how their files were jeopardized due to a security breach.

When it comes to security, file sharing is often a loophole hacker’s look to exploit – particularly in small businesses. They know businesses regularly send and receive files and they try to exploit this through phishing emails and spam.

Imagine your client’s reaction if your network was compromised and their sensitive files were publicly exposed by a hacker. It is imperative to not only keep your business files secure, but also those of your clients, particularly if they need to abide by HIPAA regulations.

Which brings us to the next benefit of secure document sharing through the cloud

HIPAA Security

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a law that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information.

While you might think company employees would never knowingly put sensitive company data at risk, accidents can (and do) happen.

Is your business utilizing a file sharing solution like Dropbox for cloud data storage? Depending on the Dropbox service plan you’re using, your business might be in violation of HIPAA compliance rules.

For today’s savvy businesses, Ontech Systems offers OnCloud, a secure file transfer service that ensures your business is in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

With OnCloud safeguarding your files, you never have to worry about accidentally creating access points or vulnerabilities in your network that would allow hackers access to your sensitive company data.

Greater Data Control

Encrypted file sharing is possible through OnCloud, Ontech’s business-grade file sharing solution. Through this private file sharing solution, you can control access to any company data you’d like. From limiting the time in which a user has access to business documents to restricting the synchronizing of devices to company servers, OnCloud makes secure file sharing for business easy.

Additionally, OnCloud allows you to monitor how employees interact with your data. Worried former employees might have access to company files? You can actually “unlink” devices from shared files so users leaving the company can’t take files with them or access them once they are no longer active.

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Among many other benefits, cloud-based file sharing can bring your business security, productivity, efficiency and peace of mind.

If you want to lower the risk of ransomware or malware infiltrating your business, take your business out of the ‘digital stone age’ and contact Ontech Systems to integrate this next generation of secure file storage and sharing in your business today.

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