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Course: Cyber Liability: Being Prepared is Better Than Scared (CVMIC 3297)

Please join us for a full day of cyber security sessions which will include the following:

  • Network Security Best Practices & Assessments
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
  • An Exploration Inside the Realm of HIPAA
  • Prevention, Protection, and Preparation: Understanding your CVMIC Cyber Liability Insurance and Resources

Session 1

Network Security Best Practices & Assessments – 60 minutes
Presenter ~ Jared Olson

Jared Olson is the Cloud Services Manager at Ontech Systems. He has been working in the IT industry for over 17 years and has extensive knowledge and experience on a variety of Information Technology topics. He has 9 years of experience as a Technical Consultant including 4 years at Ontech.

Jared grew up in South Milwaukee, WI and attended South Milwaukee High School. After that he attended the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and studied graphic design for two years. After leaving UWW Jared attended Milwaukee Area Technical College to earn an Associate’s Degree in Microcomputers and Networking. He is a Sophos Certified Engineer, CSSA, and holds a number of Microsoft Partner Network competencies and is currently pursuing Microsoft Azure certification.

Jared and his wife Kelly live in Waukesha and have two children, Nico (13) and Jordyn (3 ½). Jared coaches soccer and baseball for Nico and enjoys watching Jordyn perform gymnastics.

Session Summary: We have all heard the term data backup, and know that businesses of any size should have data backup in place. But does it work? It is there to get your business up and running again as soon as possible if something were to go wrong. Did you know that you can test your data backup solution? How long would your business be down if you didn’t have any business continuity solutions in place?

Session 2

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity – 60 minutes
Presenter ~ John May

John has been working in Information Technology for over 18 years and has experience in environments ranging in size from a single server and a few desktops up to several hundred servers and thousands of desktops around the world. He focuses on developing business process focused IT environments with an emphasis on security and standards-based systems. This has allowed the companies he works with to look at IT as a catalyst for process improvement and value rather than a cost center. With an educational background in teaching, he also enjoys helping to demystify computers for people, and assists companies in getting the most value for their investment by showing employees how to best utilize the tools they have available.

When not at work, John has a wife and two sons that he enjoys spending time with. When it’s warmer out, he also enjoys attending the occasional Brewer game (though he’s a Cardinals fan, but no one’s perfect!), and getting out on the road on his motorcycle.”

Session Summary: It’s become common to hear about cyber-attacks in any type and size of business. Large, medium, and small organizations are all vulnerable to attacks. What can you do to keep your network secure from cyber-attacks? Is your environment safe from a physical attack on your network? Has your network security been tested? Come learn how to evaluate your network and what the best practices are that you can use to keep your organization safe.

Session 3

An Exploration Inside the Realm of HIPAA – 90 minutes
Presenter ~ Holly Schlenvogt

Holly is a privacy and security consultant who has worked with the HIPAA privacy and security rules for over fourteen years. As a former Privacy Officer for a health care system, she developed and oversaw all privacy and security initiatives. She is recognized for helping small to large sized organizations understand and become compliant with these regulations in an organized, ethical, and straightforward way. Holly has extensive experience in developing customized privacy and security policies, procedures, forms, and education programs. She has completed HIPAA privacy compliance assessments for organizations. In addition, she has facilitated security risk analyses for over 100 covered entities, business associates, and other types of organizations. Compliance areas covered during these security risk analyses include the HIPAA security rule, NIST 800-53 revision 4, NIST cybersecurity, and FISMA.

Active with HIPAA Collaborative of Wisconsin (HIPAA COW) since 2002, Holly is currently a Board member, the Executive Vice President, and on the Privacy & Healthcare IT networking groups. She co-chairs their Risk Management networking group and was the primary author of the HIPAA COW Risk Analysis & Risk Management Toolkit. She has also participated in several national networking groups. Holly has spoken for several state and national conferences and webinars.

Session Summary: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Who is required to be compliant with it? Does my organization need to follow it and if we do, what does that mean? What requirements are in the Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules? What are some consequences of being non-compliant? During this session we will explore these questions and discuss actions your organization may take to build and improve its privacy and security compliance program.

**For CVMIC Members**

Session 4

Prevention, Protection, and Preparation: Understanding your CVMIC Cyber Liability Insurance and Resources – 60 minutes
Presenter ~ Pallin Allen

Pallin joined Cities & Villages Mutual Insurance Company in 2003. He is responsible for building and enhancing member relationships and engagement with CVMIC. He acts as a liaison for the members and strives to create an excellent member experience during every interaction. In addition, Pallin provides loss control service, leadership training, and risk management assistance. He has a B.S. degree in Engineering from UW-Platteville. He has over 23 years of experience in loss control, safety consulting, and customer service working in both the private and public sector. Pallin is a Certified Safety Professional with an Associate in Risk Management, an Associate in Loss Control Management, and he is a licensed insurance agent.

Session Summary: Have you wondered what your cyber liability insurance actually covers? What should you do if a security breach is suspected or occurs? How do I train yourself and others to recognize attempts to circumvent your cyber security measures? Join us to review the prevention tools available, the insurance coverage you have, and how to prepare to properly respond should a cyber-attack occur.

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