Enterprise Managed Security

Network and data security has long been a major a concern of our clients.  The Ontech security team can provide you with project based services or consistent managed security.

Meet the Changing Compliance Needs in Your Industry

Due to changing requirements in healthcare, specialized manufacturing & design, law & finance, government, nonprofit, and the public sector, the demand for consistent 24/7 management and monitoring of network events, logs, and potential breaches is increasing.

The ability to stop a breach or security threat before it happens or before it becomes a larger problem can give you a hard to find advantage in the wide world of network security.

Our managed security service can provide you with the reporting, documentation, and preventive measured need to meet the changing demands of compliance in your industry.

Enterprise IT Solutions

Are Security Risks Lurking in Your Network?

We will identify potential vulnerabilities in your network. No obligation. No cost to you.