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Healthcare legislation authorities are getting tougher on healthcare organizations who fail to comply with HIPAA regulations. Million dollar plus fines have now become commonplace.

Healthcare is one of the most frequently breached industries – and it’s no wonder.

With the already wide range of security threats from cybercriminals, healthcare organizations now need to establish security policies for mobile devices, disaster recovery and business continuity, and let’s not forget, minimize the risk of internal device theft that might result in a data leak and ultimately, a HIPAA violation.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity: What’s Your Backup Plan?

The Perfect Storm

In today’s Cybercrime black market, protected healthcare information (PHI) is now more valuable than credit card information. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated in their attempts to gain access to unencrypted data; making this the “perfect storm” that destroys reputations and costs healthcare organizations millions.

A survey conducted by Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s HIMSS Analytics revealed that healthcare organizations may not be prepared for confidential data loss since they lack policies that specify how data should be archived and protected.

The survey revealed that while these medical offices had a data archiving strategy in place in order to remain HIPAA compliant, they were not optimizing this data.

  • 75% of respondents stated their data was active and stored onsite.
  • Less than 30% of the data contained in these onsite facilities had been viewed after 18 months.

Simply not knowing what to do with sensitive backup and archival data presents a significant data breach risk. For over 10 years, Ontech Systems has provided Milwaukee area healthcare organizations with peace of mind knowing their data is safe, secure, backed up and always available. Throughout that period of time, we have maintained 98% of our clients – one of the highest client retention rates in our industry.

Whether your healthcare practice is large or small, our technicians take pride in their ability to communicate effectively with the various users within the facility and reflect a professional image while on-site at your office.

Get HIPAA Secure Today

How confident are you that your Milwaukee area healthcare organization complies with the HIPAA data security requirements? Take this simple 60-second test to find out.

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Remain HIPAA Compliant with Security Solutions that Protect Your Data – No Matter Where it Goes

Ontech Systems has partnered with Sophos, Cisco, and other security partners to provide a solution that guards your organization against HIPAA breaches and protects your practice from penalties and fines.

Healthcare IT Security Made Easy

While several of our partners provide simple, efficient healthcare IT security solutions, Sophos provides an all-in-one solution that encompasses endpoint control and protection, enterprise encryption, web filtering, email filtering, and network access control.

Your healthcare organization is under increasing pressure from regulatory authorities to secure patient health information and personal data according to HIPAA and HITECH guidelines.

Securing this data doesn’t have to be complicated.

As the only healthcare security solution with cloud-managed endpoint protection for Windows and Macs, Sophos delivers an easy-to-use, turnkey all in one security solution that protects:

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Mobile devices
  • Web
  • Email

Through a smooth, streamlined process, Sophos provides one central desktop solution so your in-house IT staff can manage security – simply.

HIPAA Compliant Email

A big concern for many healthcare organizations is whether their email is HIPAA compliant. Sophos Email Security and Data Protection ensures emails are delivered securely without the possibility of email interception or wrong delivery address. Incoming malicious emails are a thing of the past with this easy-to-install/easy-to-run system.

Sophos can help your practice remain HIPAA compliant through a variety of security solutions including (but not limited to):

  • Sophos Endpoint Security and Control: This is an all-in-one solution, acting as your IT staff’s eyes and ears, so they can focus on other aspects of their work. This solution silently monitors all systems across your entire network. If a threat occurs, notifications are sent to appropriate IT staff.
  • Sophos SafeGuard Easy: Reduce the risk of internal device theft in your practice. If a laptop or mobile device is stolen from your facility, this solution reduces the risk of sensitive information ending up in the wrong hands.
  • Sophos Enterprise Console: This perfect timesaving tool ensures your in-house IT staff isn’t bogged down with security issues. IT techs can install, clean up viruses and manage all devices from a single desktop, saving a substantial amount of time.

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