After many years as the gold standard of internet browsers, Microsoft is phasing out Internet Explorer, officially ending support on August 17, 2021. Given the security risk of using outdated software – this is one security risk you don’t want to overlook. Although it may still be installed and running just fine on your business computers, as of 8/21, Internet Explorer will no longer work optimally with other critical pieces of office software, including Office 365.

Microsoft Teams Ends Support for IE

Does your organization use Microsoft Teams for virtual meetings and online collaboration? If so, you’ll likely notice an immediate difference. Microsoft recently announced that Teams is ending support for Internet Explorer. The company also said it will force IE users to open Edge, its web browser replacement for popular sites like YouTube and Twitter.

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Take note of Microsoft’s key updates regarding Internet Explorer’s end of life announcements:

  • August 17, 2020 – Microsoft announces that support will be ending for its former flagship product Internet Explorer
  • November 30, 2020 – Microsoft Teams ends support for Internet Explorer 11
  • March 9, 2021 – Microsoft Edge Legacy version reaches end of life
  • August 17, 2021 – Microsoft Office 365 officially ends support for Internet Explorer 11

As the official end of life for this once groundbreaking web browser approaches, now is a great time to explore new and widely supported browsers by Microsoft and its competitors.

Should You Upgrade?

Still, the question remains – now that Microsoft is ending support for IE and shifting users to Edge, should you upgrade your systems and abandon this former staple of internet communication? The short answer is yes, but the situation is also a bit nuanced. In the end, the choice to upgrade will depend largely on compatibility with the various web applications used in your business. As time goes on, more and more of those applications may become incompatible with IE, in much the same way YouTube and Twitter are today. The best course of action is to contact your software vendor to determine which web applications are compatible with IE and which will be directly impacted by Microsoft abandoning support for its old browser.

Support for Software Vendor Compatibility

If you need expert help and guidance, just give Ontech Systems a call at 262-522-8560 and let our vendor management team help you determine the best course of action to maintain access to your business software, but mitigate any security risks resulting from the use of an unsupported browser. On the flipside, if you’re ready to make the switch now, follow these simple steps to remove Internet Explorer from your computers and switch to a modern alternative.

  • Uninstall IE from the programs section of your computer
  • Change your default browser to the package of your choice
  • Or follow this guide for more detailed information

Prevent Internet Explorer Security Risks

Remember – using Internet Explorer after it has reached end of life poses a real security risk to your network. But we understand there are certain scenarios where it is not possible to immediately switch due to compatibility issues with business software solutions. If you’re not ready to give up IE just yet, Ontech Systems can help you keep your network secure by isolating any devices that pose a security risk on your network. If you need help making the switch or assessing the compatibility of your other software products, just contact us online or give Ontech a call today at 262-522-8560. Our vendor specialists can help you make the evaluation and keep your network secure with as minimal disruption as possible

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