Summary: Essential Duties and Responsibilities will include the following:

*Duties may be modified or additional duties assigned.

  • Understand and adhere to all company policies outlined in the Ontech Employee Handbook and support the mission and values of Ontech.
  • Meet attendance standards and work productively with team members.
  • Ensure a clean and orderly work area.
  • Bring positive attitude to work each day

Work Environment:  Office M-F, 8-5
Billable Hours Expectation: 4-5 hours per day
Note:  After-hours support, weekend project work, and responding to after-hours calls is not required.


Daily Tasks

  • First responder to customer and NOC support requests received via telephone, email, chat and/or ticket
  • Respond to customers via telephone, email/ticket to establish contact, set priority, establish next steps
  • Create a ticket, find available technician, assign ticket, and follow-up to ensure timely resolution
  • Dispatch new & existing support requests to consultant team as needed
  • Actively review open/overdue tickets and pro-actively reach out to technicians. Proactive reach out starts with phone call to technician
  • Address items as needed either by addressing on own or escalating to inside technician
  • Monitor and Manage Alerts Mailbox
  • Ensure Backup Notifications are being reviewed and responded to
    • Create tickets for failed backups and assign primary technician
    • Follow through on tickets to ensure they are being completed
  • Monitor virus alerts and ensure proper steps are taken to cleanup infections or make exceptions
  • Review open items from previous day and follow up as needed
  • Fill out Excel Spreadsheet of previous day’s call log with issue tracking updates
  • Ticket System Queue Management
    • Monitor all applicable ConnectWise boards and respond accordingly
    • Update ticket with notes for primary techs
    • Follow-up with technicians and ensure overdue tickets are being completed
      • Escalate to Technical Service & Personnel Manager as needed
    • Daily meeting with Tech Manager (phone or in office)

Technical Support Tasks

  • Assist with customer passwords reset request and user setups
  • Assist with PC setup and configuration (in office) to assist technical consultants
  • Provide basic PC Troubleshooting assistance
    • Configure mail clients (Outlook/Phone/Other)
    • Virus/PUP remediation
    • General Slow performance
    • Correct failed domain trust relationship
    • Printer connection support
    • Basic firewall configuration changes
    • Software Restriction policy assistance when installing software
  • Assist in monitoring RMM portal under direction of Cloud Services Manager
    • Monitoring patching
    • Monitor outage reports
    • Assist in adding additional monitoring to existing RMM clients (SNMP, PING, etc.)

Additional Tasks

  • Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Team Member
    • Work on CSP migration tickets and ensure completed on time and accurately
    • Assist with conversions and new setups, communicate changes to customer, primary tech, and sales team
    • Meet and work with Cloud Services Manager to ensure sites are being handled properly
  • Managed Services Team Member
    • Helpdesk Onboarding assistance
    • Assist Cloud Services Manager with site creation
    • Created and configure Managed Services Sites
    • Notification Setup, Assign Reports and Alerts
    • Meet and work with Cloud Services Manager to ensure sites are being handled properly

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