Ontech Systems Lunch & Learn Roundtable Webinars

Each month, Ontech will lead a comprehensive discussion regarding topics & challenges that businesses face.  Our goal is to provide our clients and prospects an educational experience on topics in today’s IT world.

Our training room can accommodate up to 20 attendees and Ontech will provide a light lunch and valuable information to take back and review with your IT and Leadership teams.  The best news is there is no cost to attend!


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Office 365: Microsoft SharePoint

Maximize collaboration within your company
Why Your Next Server Should be in the Cloud
Exploring the benefits of infrastructure in the cloud


Managed Security Services for Business

Date: Thursday, August 13th

*This event has been changed to a webinar.

Join Ontech and our Technical Security Leadership staff to review our new Managed Security Suite. The latest threats like SIM cracking for cell phones, ransomware, and email phishing are so complex and so complicated that today, you need the ability to detect a threat – before it occurs.

In our current cyber climate, an advanced security solution and layered security approach is now necessary to guard against ongoing security threats.

In keeping with a layered security approach, think of Managed Security Suite as a new layer added on top of other cyber security basics like a good backup, antivirus updates, server updates, strong passwords, and more.

It is a fully encompassing “suit of armor” standing between cyber threats and your business data. Often referred to as an enhanced antivirus on steroids, Managed Security Suite is installed on individual workstations that act as beacons, tracking the security of your network itself.

Microsoft Office 365 Suite Overview

Date: Thursday, September 10th

Join us for lunch and an in-depth review of the entire Office 365 Business Suite, the various plans and their differences, and much more!

Our Cloud Services Team will answer questions and provide deeper insight into products not widely recognized like Teams, Planner, and Intune.

As businesses look to consolidate data securely, manage resources from a centralized platform, make data and applications available to remote users and get the most out of their IT spend, a full understanding of the Office 365 suite can help your business achieve those goals.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Web Marketing Tips

Date: Thursday, October 22nd

Join Ontech and our Website Partner, Net Success Marketing, for lunch and an open discussion on the recent changes and trends of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Learn SEO fundamentals to expand your online presence and increase new customer requests.

Net Success owner, Kristen Eichmann, will spend time reviewing common mistakes to avoid and key areas businesses should evaluate when looking to improve their online presence.

Microsoft Teams - Learn how businesses are communicating with O365 Teams.

Date: Thursday, November 12th

Join Ontech for lunch and a discussion with our VoIP and Business Communication leadership staff.

Most businesses are aware of Office 365 and everyday business applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Drive, etc. However, one of the solutions in high demand is Microsoft Teams.

Learn how other businesses are using Microsoft Teams to become more mobile, collaborate, and keep in contact with internal staff and outside clients & vendors.

Some businesses are replacing on premise or hosted phone systems with Microsoft Teams approved phones and dialing plans.

Client Portal Training – Features, Training & How to best utilize the Ontech Client Portals (ConnectWise, Client Documentation Portal, Connect Booster)

Date: Thursday, December 10th

Join Ontech for lunch with leaders from our Administration & Technical Staff. Learn how many clients are making their jobs easier and more efficient with simplified communication with our Technical Support Desk and Billing Teams.

Our presenters will review the various client portals Ontech has for ticketing, billing, projects, network documentation and much more.


How many people from our organization can attend?

Ideally one person, but up to two if necessary, based on attendance demands.

Are these events really free?

Yes, Ontech feels it is important to educate you or someone else on your staff so you can better understand a certain IT product or solution. This education also helps you forecast the future needs of your company.

What can I expect from the event?

These events are intended to be a collaborative discussion led by an Ontech representative.

Our intention is to help you understand how other businesses may be using a given solution or service, along with feedback from those who are already utilizing the service. We will provide you with a light lunch, take home materials, and a better understanding the event topic.

Will this be a sales pitch?

No, these roundtable events are meant to be an educational discussion to help you better understand a topic or solution in the IT industry.

Who will be presenting?

Internal technicians and trusted advisors will be presenting at each event, but we will be encouraging open discussions through a roundtable format.

How long are the roundtable events?

The events will be held at the Ontech Systems Menomonee Falls office from 12pm-1:30pm.

What is the event agenda?

  • 12:00 – 12:15pm: Meet & Greet, gather lunch, take a seat
  • 12:15-1:00pm: Open discussion & collaboration, Ontech Presentation
  • 1:00 – 1:30pm: Open Discussion & Collaboration, Q&A
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