How Can Managed IT Services Help Your Business?

Managed IT services, often referred to as “managed services”, are a popular IT service many Milwaukee area businesses are shifting toward for all their IT needs.  Managed IT solutions offer businesses the flexibility to effectively budget for fluctuating IT expenses and minimize technical issues in their network.

If you’ve heard of managed services before, but you wonder what the buzz is about, check out this short 2 minute video to see how managed services can help your greater Milwaukee area business.

How do you know if you need managed IT services?

The New Year brings new opportunities for business. Very often, increased growth and expansion brings more IT obstacles for your business. As your business grows, it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep up with technology while remaining focused on the day to day tasks of your business.

So how do you get ahead and achieve your business goals if you are constantly putting out IT fires? It’s not easy to strategize new business plans when your time and resources are limited. If this sounds all too familiar, managed IT services may be the right solution for you.

  • IT problems are piling up with no end in sight.
  • Your software or hardware is outdated and viewed as a problem instead of a solution
  • Your current IT team doesn’t have the depth of knowledge to design and implement IT support solutions
  • Budgets are increasing every year, but the perceived ROI of IT is low
  • You have no strategic IT plans in place – no clear sense of direction

At Ontech Systems, we are not a break/fix firm.

We take into consideration your company’s growth outlook as well. Our managed IT services provide your Milwaukee area business with continuous remote monitoring and maintenance that detects potential problems before they happen.

Detection of an issue with your in-house server, for example, could pay for your managed services contract itself!

With our managed IT services, if problems do arise, they are dealt with quickly since systems are already in place to effectively resolve the issue.

To see if Ontech’s managed IT solutions are a good fit for your needs, request a free network discovery where we will evaluate your current network, infrastructure, server(s), PC’s, backup, security performance and reliability, and follow up with a Q&A Session from our Network Consultant.

For further information regarding Managed Services though Ontech, please contact our office by email or phone at (262) 522-8560.