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As our client’s demands and IT requirements have changed over the years, so has our service model.  Nearly 10 years ago, Ontech began providing MSP solutions to Milwaukee area businesses.

Managed IT services allow your business to have consistent and predictable monthly IT costs, while at the same providing exceptional service through remote monitoring & management (RMM) tools. While some businesses rely completely on managed services, many combine the benefits of managed IT services along with local onsite technicians to incorporate a hybrid service approach to manage IT needs.

As a managed service provider, we can offer better support clients for not only in SE Wisconsin, but also across the globe.  As businesses lean more toward mobility and data is stored in various locations, managed services provide the level of support that networks of any size demand.

Our IT support and services have been rated 5 / 5 based on 10 testimonials from our clients.

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Managed Service Solutions

What businesses benefit from managed services?

Ontech’s managed IT solutions are ideal for businesses who prefer fixed, predictable billing for IT services. The following services allow for businesses to effectively budget for their fluctuating IT expenses and minimize technical issues due to the ongoing network monitoring and management.

For many people, managed services are not synonymous with security, but the truth is, it is possible to minimize security risks through managed services.

With managed IT services, if problems do arise, they’re dealt with quickly through systems like our on-demand, live IT support Help Desk which are already in place to resolve the issue. Below is a summary of the managed services we provide for Milwaukee area businesses.

Managed Services Guides, Solutions, and Support

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