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If your organization is a small to mid-sized business, Azure can help you cut IT costs and boost productivity in a big way. At first glance, Microsoft Azure might seem intimidating.  If you’ve viewed the Azure case studies page, you might make the assumption that it’s best suited for enterprise level businesses like GE or But did you know that with Microsoft Azure, you can simplify your IT system and pay only for the services you need?

Azure Might Be the Right Solution for Your Business IF…

  • Your IT needs are outgrowing your current IT environment
  • Your business struggles with password management, online threats and access control
  • You need to remain HIPAA compliant and store sensitive data
  • Your hardware is out of date or not functioning as intended
  • Your organization is making IT cuts and needs to lower costs
  • You have a mobile workforce who needs cloud solutions and secure access to company data
  • Your organization is lacking the space for new equipment and looking to move to the cloud

Needless to say, although there are many myths and misconceptions about Azure, rest assured, it is a powerful Microsoft solution that can do much more for your business than adding another service with fancy tools.

5 Key Factors to a Successful Azure Migration

    Request an Azure quote to see how we can help you cut infrastructure and computing costs, boost productivity and streamline your IT systems. With direct access to Azure technical support representatives at Microsoft, we can work with your in house IT staff or act as an outside IT consultant to enable better solutions and live support.

    Microsoft Azure

    Azure Can Lead to Significant Savings

    Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that can help small to mid-sized businesses in a variety of ways – from avoiding the cost of purchasing new equipment to maintaining compliance through the most stringent security standards. Azure puts enterprise level technology within reach of smaller businesses who might not otherwise be able to afford it.

    Azure Can Help You Back Up Your Data

    We’ve covered the importance of data backup at length on our blog. Unfortunately, many businesses still underestimate the importance of backup storage services – until it’s too late. In today’s digital age, the reality we’re faced with is loss of data = lost income. This is, essentially, living on the edge of a virtual disaster for your company.

    Whether you’re still relying on tape backup, you don’t have offsite backup support, or your business is utilizing a consumer-grade backup service, we strongly advise you to consider business grade backup service – whether it is Azure or another backup solution, Microsoft made or not. The important thing is having secure storage.

    In Microsoft Azure, your data is stored securely and replicated across Microsoft’s data centers so it’s always there when you need it. If you need to maintain HIPAA compliance or adhere to other security regulations, Azure has a great solution for long-term archiving without relying on expensive, slow tape backups.

    Azure is not a “Canned” Solution

    Back in the day, IT companies installed network components almost systematically – we could actually follow a checklist. Quite often, the computing setup was very similar from one client to the next.

    Today, we’re in the age of the cloud and virtual infrastructure. Businesses now have the flexibility to scale services up and down as needed. Azure makes it possible to tailor your IT solution to your unique set of needs as an organization, ensuring the proper support at all times. As your business grows, you can add or remove services and pay only for the products you use.

    Azure Allows You to Mobilize Your Business

    Many businesses are jumping on the “bring your own device” BYOD bandwagon and allowing employees to use personal phones for business purposes. With apps and virtual security being what it is today with smartphone resources, it can be a tempting solution.

    As you might imagine, this presents a huge security risk, particularly if your organization is in healthcare and needs to remain HIPAA compliant. Azure’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) gives you complete control over who accesses your sensitive company data, ensuring all manner of security.

    Through EMS, you can remotely wipe devices, publish apps for users and manage everything at the click of a button. Users’ personal data is kept separate from business data so sensitive information is kept safe and personal data remains private.

    There are a variety of file share options available for mobile workers, so we encourage you to contact us at (262) 522-8560 or alternatively, you can connect with us online to discuss the tools available.

    Whether your business is running low on space for a server or you’re contemplating a move to the cloud from physical infrastructure, contact us to get an estimate on what your cloud computing costs will be.

    In addition, we invite you to request a no-obligation, Free Network Discovery where one of our skilled Network Consultants will evaluate your network and uncover potential vulnerabilities that might otherwise remain unnoticed until disaster strikes your data, upending your security.

    Receive an unbiased perspective on cloud based solutions for BYOD, mobile device management, file sharing, backup, disaster recovery and more.

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    Azure for Enterprise Scale Businesses

    Azure was built with enterprise businesses in mind.

    It’s wealth of features and tools allows you to solve your unique business problems at scale. From application development, to managing security and governance needs or taking your cloud computing to the next level, Azure is the industry’s go-to enterprise solution.

    At Ontech, we have the experience with and the knowledge of Microsoft to help enterprise scale businesses make the most out of Azure and it’s features. We will help you custom build your Azure environments, helping you select the products, services, and features that are best suited to solve the challenges of your organization whether they be more support or greater tools for virtual security.

    Start saving your company time and money today with Azure enterprise solutions from Ontech.

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