It’s only fitting that October is also National Cyber security month, a time to reflect on cyber threats and seek protection from security risks. So what is cyber security, and why is it so critical?

The Meaning of Cyber security

Cyber security can take many forms, from user training and ongoing employee education to assessment of potential vulnerabilities within a business network infrastructure. Technology and user education are complementary halves of a cyber security whole, and one is not effective without the other. A prominent part of network security is assessing network access and evaluating which areas are most deserving of your time and effort.

The Benefit of Security Assessments

At Ontech, we can provide your business with a thorough assessment of your cyber security, including an analysis of your network infrastructure, a deep dive into your security protocols, and a look at your vulnerability to both insider attacks and external threats.

Until you establish a baseline, it’s impossible to know where you are going and what you could be doing better. By having an assessment conducted, you can build on your previous efforts to create an even more robust online and physical infrastructure. If you have already had a vulnerability assessment completed in the past, we can provide a second opinion, so you know you are protected.

How Can You Be Cyber Secure?

One way to think of online security is like a pendulum, with security on one side and convenience on the other. Convenience is important, but easy access could also make it less secure. On the other hand, enhancing security can come at the cost of convenience, triggering complaints from employees and customers. Getting that balancing act right can be difficult, but it is essential if you want to keep your network and data safe.

Who Should Be Responsible for Cyber security?

There is an ongoing debate over cyber security and who is ultimately responsible. Should IT departments challenge upper management to enhance security? Should software companies and internet service providers take a larger role in security and data protection?

These are difficult questions with serious implications in the real world. In the wake of a recent ransomware attack, a governmental agency fired their IT technician, but the IT staffer fought back. He filed a lawsuit, and he is likely to prevail in that action.

In this particular case, the IT tech had an extensive paper trail, one that showed the lack of cyber security was largely the fault of management, and the agency shunned its responsibility for cyber security. As ransomware attacks grow more frequent, this situation is likely to recur, and businesses everywhere need to be ready.

Online Practices to Avoid

In the online world, it is critically important that you know and understand who you are giving information to and why. Hackers often target social media to influence buying habits, steal personal information, and compromise security. Understanding these tactics is the first line of defense when it comes to protection your data – both business and personal.

Knowing when to ask for help when you’re out of your element can save you a lot of heartache. For example, if your computer was infected with ransomware, it might be tempting to pay the ransom, but before you do anything, get professional help. Ontech is ready to be your partner.

Just contact us at 262-522-8560 for a thorough security assessment and additional tips on how to secure your network.

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