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It’s more important than ever to look for ways to simplify your network operations, and that means having the right tools in your corner. With a network monitoring solution called Network Care, you can simplify your network operations, making your job easier and reducing the risk of data loss.

Sustaining a network has always been difficult, but it is becoming even more challenging with each passing year. From ongoing security challenges to emerging threats and insider dangers, the risks are everywhere – even a small misstep could put your data and business at risk.

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Ditch the Break/Fix Model

The break/fix method of managing a network has been around forever, but that doesn’t make it the right approach. If your network is not actively managed, you are stuck in the break/fix loop, waiting for something to go wrong and dropping everything to desperately make it right.

It should be obvious that this is not a sustainable approach and with Network Care, you can ditch that break/fix model once and for all. The break/fix model is costly in terms of time, commitment and stress. It puts your most valuable asset – your data – at risk. So ditch that outdated model once and for all and make managing your network easier with Network Care.

Simplify Your System Operations

After many years spent targeting enterprise level businesses, hackers are now thinking small. The bad guys have learned that small businesses are often easy targets, with few defenses against the dangers of the modern world.

If you work for a small business, you may be a bigger target than you realize. With so many online dangers, it has never been more important for small businesses to protect themselves and their data.

Simply staying on top of your network components is a full-time job, but it’s one you don’t have to face on your own.

An Effective Network Monitoring Solution

If you’re ready to abandon the break/fix paradigm and simplify network operations at your Milwaukee area company, the Network Care solution can help. Network Care takes a unique approach to network management, creating a robust network infrastructure that is adaptable, scalable and far easier to manage.

Over the years, network infrastructure (the interrelated components underlying the network) has typically been managed manually, with a hands-on approach that offers endless opportunities for error.

Even worse, until now, network infrastructure has been managed in a reactive manner, with network operators waiting for the next break and rushing in with a new fix.

With Network Care, this outdated approach is a thing of the past, and businesses can manage their networks proactively, preventing problems before they occur and finding small issues before they balloon into larger ones.

What Does this Network Monitoring Solution Do?

In short, the task of managing your network is vastly simplified. Instead of the traditional manual approach, Network Care uses an automated approach to network management, with high-powered software that does all the heavy lifting. This frees up workers to focus on more productive work, greatly reducing the possibility of human error.

The Network Care approach is based on powerful software that can discover your system infrastructure automatically – no more manual intervention. Once the network has been analyzed, this network monitoring solution provides users with a simple to understand visual map, one that inventories and documents every device connected to the network.

Network Care also tracks the configuration of every device and service, simplifying network operation even further. You can even access the network remotely so that you can keep track of your operations from virtually anywhere.

By replacing hundreds of time-consuming and complicated manual tasks with a single automated network monitoring solution, Network Care makes the task of managing your network easier than ever.

This automation is at the heart of the Network Care management model and it’s a great reason to contact us today to see how this innovative solution can simplify your network management efforts.

The Right Security for Your Peace of Mind

The need for network security has never been greater, and the threats are becoming more sophisticated as time goes on. From hackers, to loss of data from accidental deletions, IT managers face new and challenging threats every day.

To address this need for security, Network Care provides an overarching security solution for businesses, one that takes a proactive approach to data protection. By isolating data and prioritizing data protection, Network Care gives businesses and their employees’ one less thing to worry about.

Network Care System Requirements

If you are ready to abandon your traditional break/fix network management approach and embrace the power of automation, Ontech Systems is here to help. We are your Network Care experts, and we have the information you need to make network management easy.

Network Care is intuitive and easy to use, but this network monitoring solution does have some specific system requirements. When you work with Ontech Systems, we will walk you through those requirements to ensure your system is ready for the upgrade.

Network Care works with all major internet browsers, including Internet Explorer 11 and up, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. You can use Network Care with all modern versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system, including Windows 7 and up, as well as the increasingly popular Mac OS X.

If you want to learn more about Network Care and how it can help you simplify your IT infrastructure management efforts, just give Ontech Systems a call at 262-522-8560 or contact us online.

We will help you determine your needs, lay out a strategy that works for your business and get your new managed network operations up and running.

Whether you are a network manager in need of a little support or a business manager looking for ways to streamline your IT costs and efforts, we are here to help, and we’re dedicated to your success.

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