Night terrors app

This Halloween, forget haunted houses – that’s child’s play.

For iPhone users, the REAL thriller this year will be in their very own home.

Often described as a “new breed” of immersive entertainment, the new iPhone app “Night Terrors: The Beginning” is the equivalent of Pokémon GO for horror lovers. But while Pokémon GO is enhancing gameplay with their new wearable, augmented reality is stepping up to a whole new level with night terrors app. It’s a totally new concept in augmented reality that will make you afraid to be in your own home.

If the idea of wandering through your house alone in the dark, encountering ghostly effects, ambient sound, and creepy radio transmissions sounds like fun, you’re going to LOVE this.


While the full version of this ambitious app isn’t out yet, it’s generating some serious buzz – and for good reason. When you play the game, it creates a map of your home and designs a story around you.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Using your iPhone as a flashlight and a pair of headphones, you stumble through the dark listening for the cries of a young girl locked in your house, desperately needing your help.

As you navigate the “map”, visual affects appear such as a painting seemingly falling off a wall or a ghost darting out of an adjacent room, calling your name from over your shoulder.

When suddenly…your light goes out and you find yourself in total darkness.

That’s right, this game can control the flashlight on your iPhone.

Clever Game Engineering

Technically speaking, the flashlight serves two purposes. First, it allows the game to exploit on your inherent fear of the dark and second, this is how the game stays in sync with the map of your home. The game is coded in a way that it recognizes your walls like a makeshift depth sensor, reflecting light readings that result from the LED shining on your walls.

Since the game knows where you are in relation to the map of your home, it lures you into situations designed to deliver the same experiences as character in a horror film.

If the game wants you to stay put, it will present a situation where moving will get you “killed”. If the game needs you to walk down a hallway, it will manipulate you to go there.

Night Terrors takes FULL advantage of all aspects of your phone, to the extent of sending in-game text messages and phone calls for an ultra-realistic experience.

Taking Gameplay to the Next Level

The developers of the game, Novum Analytics, hope to include real-time biometric tracking of the game time experience so they can custom tailor experience to the user.

If jump scares don’t freak you out, the game will modify your experience on the fly and even maximize its events based on your heart rate (measured with your Apple Watch), the number of times you scream (measured with your microphone) or even the shakiness of your hands (measured with the accelerometer).

This unique game is sure to deliver a unique, personalized horror experience you won’t soon forget. Want to learn more? Get more details here or download a 10 minute demo of the game in the Apple store.

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