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Empowering Mid to Large companies with top-tier IT and Engineering talent solutions, Ontech Talent is the go-to partner for sourcing and placing high-caliber professionals. Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and cutting-edge recruitment strategies, we seamlessly match the right candidates with permanent or contract positions, ensuring business growth and success for our esteemed clients.

Who We Serve

Ontech Talent serves a diverse range of mid-to-large companies, offering comprehensive IT and engineering staffing solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of today’s dynamic business landscape. Our services cater to organizations seeking top-tier professionals to drive innovation, streamline operations, and achieve their strategic business objectives. With a focus on excellence and a commitment to fostering lasting partnerships, we empower companies across various industries to build robust, efficient, and talented teams that propel their business growth.


Our Services

  • Permanent Placements:
    We specialize in sourcing and placing top-tier professionals for permanent positions within your organization. Our rigorous screening process ensures that we match the most suitable candidates with your long-term staffing requirements.

  • Contract Positions:
    For projects requiring specialized expertise or short-term staffing needs, our contract positions service provides you with a flexible solution. We connect you with skilled professionals who can seamlessly integrate into your projects and contribute to your success.
  • Specialized Industry Focus:
    With a focus on technology, finance, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors, our services cater to the unique demands of each industry. Whether you require cybersecurity experts, software developers, or regulatory compliance specialists, we have the talent you need.
  • Tailored Recruitment Solutions:
    Our holistic approach ensures that each recruitment solution is tailored to your specific business goals. From initial candidate sourcing to the final placement, we work closely with you to understand your requirements and deliver the right talent solutions.
  • Ongoing Support and Consultation:
    Our commitment doesn’t end with the placement. We provide ongoing support and consultation to ensure that the professionals we place continue to meet and exceed your expectations. Our dedicated team is here to support your staffing needs every step of the way.

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Why Ontech Talent?

Your Strategic Advantage in IT and Engineering Staffing.

About Nicole Whitbeck Dohnal

With over a decade of experience in the staffing and recruitment industry, Nicole Whitbeck Dohnal, our esteemed Founder and CEO, has established herself as a trailblazing Business Development Executive with a focus on providing comprehensive Engineering and IT solutions and staff augmentation for clients in the US market. Her strategic leadership has been instrumental in driving Ontech Talent’s growth trajectory, positioning the company as a dynamic force in the competitive landscape of talent acquisition and management.

Nicole’s extensive expertise spans various domains, including Human Capital Management, Client Relationship Management, and Talent Acquisition, reflecting her deep understanding of the intricate dynamics of the recruitment process. Her adeptness in navigating the complexities of contract negotiation, rate and salary negotiation with Clients and Contractors has underscored her prowess in fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and sustainable business relationships.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Nicole is actively involved in philanthropic initiatives, serving as a board member on the Lupus Foundation (Milwaukee Chapter). She also volunteers her time and expertise on patient advocacy boards and for hospitals, dedicating herself to assisting individuals in navigating the intricate challenges of the healthcare landscape.

Nicole’s specialties encompass a wide spectrum of critical areas, including Contract Negotiation, Engineering Services, Application Management Services, IT Outsourcing, Talent Retention, Technology Deployment Services, Technology Support Services, and Infrastructure Management Services. Her keen focus on New Business Development further underscores her dedication to driving innovation and fostering transformative growth within the IT and engineering sectors.

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Our commitment to excellence and industry expertise has solidified Ontech Talent as a trusted staffing partner for companies seeking exceptional IT and Engineering talent. Let us propel your business forward with the right people, the right skills, and the right solutions.

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