Please be advised.  According to some reputable sources, there is an increase in phone scams circulating.  Imposters have called many of us, pretending to be someone they are not.  What’s their goal? To get your money as quickly as possible.  There have been many different types of phone scams over the years.

Some examples of known scams:  IRS, Microsoft, Facebook, Free vacations and prizes, Phony debt collectors, Fake Charities, Medical Alerts/Scams targeting seniors, etc.

There is a Webroot phone scam going around right now.  Please be vigilant and screen your calls.  If you happen to be the recipient of a phone scam, we encourage you to contact Ontech Systems so we can attempt to block future calls from the originating phone number.  Although, just like email spammers these callers will often rotate or change the numbers they are calling from.  Find more details about the Webroot scam here.

Phone Scam Tips

Tips for preventing phone scams

Additional Scam Alert Resources

FTC Scam Alerts
BBB Scam Alerts
Consumer Affairs Scam Alerts

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