A revolution in worker mobility is not coming, it’s already here.

Whether working from home, on the road, or at work, employers and employees are embracing remote desktop access to get the job done anytime, anywhere. While you may be familiar with the concept of working remotely, the rapid changes in technology might leave you unclear about many aspects of mobility in the workplace.

Let’s start with the basics.

Remote access means different things to different people. In 1999, the arrival of Salesforce.com introduced the concept of delivering enterprise level applications through a simple website. Since then, cloud computing has taken remote desktop connection to a completely new level.

How is Remote Desktop Access Different from the Cloud?

Although similar in nature, these remote access services are not the same. To understand the benefits of remote web access, it’s important to understand older remote access technology “then” compared to cloud based remote desktop technology “now”.

remote desktop access solutions

Remote Access Solutions THEN

The concept of remote access involves accessing a physical device from another location. This could be your home, an airport or anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection and a computer or mobile device.

Remote access makes it possible for users to log onto company systems in a sales meeting, an airport, out of state, or in their home.

Remote access allows you to access a computer as though you were in front of it, although you are three states away. You can save files to a desktop and make system changes as though you were typing on the keyboard at that computer.

Remote access requires a type of software that makes it possible for users to sign onto company systems as easily as if they were on the local network.

Think of it this way: Remote access simply gives you access to the physical device, whereas the cloud offers businesses greater control and additional features.

remote desktop access cloudCloud-Based Remote Access Solutions NOW

Cloud computing provides businesses with more flexibility and greater control than standard remote access. As is often necessary in the mobile workplace, users can securely access cloud based files and data from any device – whenever and wherever they need it.

Through the cloud, business owners and managers can:

  • Control what files users can access
  • View when users accessed data
  • Specify how long users can access documents

Remote network access makes mobility possible:

  • Staff can mobilize while staying connected to their office systems.
  • Regional offices can directly connect to their main office computer systems, therefore eliminating the need for expensive standalone computer systems in each region.
  • Businesses benefit from remote access through greater productivity, increased flexibility and improved teamwork collaboration.

Remote Access Solutions for Business

At Ontech Systems, many of our customers utilize Oncloud, a secure managed service solution that can mobilize your workplace. Whether you need secure file sync services, remote desktop care, server care, or mobile device management, we’ve got you covered.

Send us a request online or call our office at (262) 522-8560. We’d be glad to answer any questions you have about mobility or any other network related issue.

Is Remote Access Secure?

Naturally, many businesses have questions about remote access and cloud security.

First, it is important to understand that your business has options. A one-size-fits-all, cloud-based solution will not appeal to businesses who need to remain HIPAA compliant.

As a result, there are three types of cloud, consisting of public cloud, hybrid cloud and private cloud.

In addition, there are five cloud storage considerations, which provide varying levels of security to meet the secure remote access needs of your business.

Have You Considered This?

When companies evaluate remote access security, few stop to consider how secure the cloud is in comparison to their own business network.

While the cloud itself is secure, it is susceptible to security measures that must be applied, just as those in your own in-house network. Similar to how one business network might be more secure than the next, one cloud service provider may employ a higher level of security than another might have in place.

How Can Remote Server Access Revolutionize Your Business?

Both businesses and employees benefit from secure remote access solutions like Oncloud. Employees who often benefit most are sales, support staff and employees who work offsite. Many businesses view remote access as a game changer that revolutionizes way they do business in the following ways:

1) MORE Productivity: Secure remote desktop access makes it possible for employees to work from anywhere they can connect to the internet. Essentially, they can reduce travel time and costs, while remaining connected to company systems.

Remote computer control is possible from hotels, from customers’ offices or from public Wi-Fi access points. Remote staff can work independently without running into missing file setbacks that might hinder productivity.

Thanks to 24/7 availability, employees can access any file they need – at any time – and catch-up on their work from home or even telecommute.

2) GREATER Job Satisfaction: Staff morale is higher in workplaces with remote access since they can get their work done faster and at their convenience.

3) MORE Flexibility: Worried about unauthorized access to certain files? Through cloud-based remote access software, businesses can control every aspect of what employees can and can’t access when out of the office.

4) BETTER Communication: Because they are accessing the same systems, employee communication and collaboration is significantly improved. Since files are updated in real-time, employees can have peace of mind knowing the file they are updating is the latest version.

Gone are the days of lengthy email chains, missing emails and copying multiple co-workers on email threads.

Through a remote access cloud service like Oncloud, regional teams are brought together through seamless interaction between head and regional offices. All employees work on the same system through a simple, low-cost infrastructure. Preparation of monthly reports is easier and faster thanks to all information residing on one corporate system.

5) GREATER Efficiency: Thanks to the ease of access to remote files and emails, company workflow becomes much more efficient. Online meetings translate into less time and a reduction in expensive travel costs.

Teams can work together on a project from different locations. Savings can be seen in IT costs since technical support can be conducted remotely, thus improving productivity and reducing downtime.

Take the Next Step: Request a Free Network Discovery

Cloud-based remote desktop and server access eliminates a basic problem many companies face – employees need to access company systems – anytime, anywhere.

The advantages of remote access far outweigh implementation costs.

Through remote access, your business can increase profitability through greater productivity, efficiency, higher moral and lower travel, less IT expenses and reduced hardware costs.

If you’re interested in integrating remote desktop and server access into your Milwaukee area business, the first step is evaluating your network security risks through a Free Network Discovery.

Right now, there may be loopholes and vulnerabilities putting your network at risk – and you don’t even know it.

Through our Network Discovery, we can run a security check-up for your business and provide recommendations to close those loopholes and ensure your network remains safe, secure and ready for remote access capabilities.

If you are interested in a Free Network Discovery or have any other questions, contact our office at (262) 522-8560 or send us a request online.

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