If there is one piece of advice cyber security experts agree on, it is that using the same password on multiple websites is dangerous. If a single set of credentials is used repeatedly and then breached, hackers will have the equivalent of keys to the digital kingdom, including bank accounts, brokerage proceeds, sensitive corporate information and more.

By now, most people know better than recycling the same passwords across websites, but implementing that cyber security requirement can be difficult and frustrating for IT experts to manage. For users, remembering multiple sets of credentials is tedious to say the least, which is why the adoption of password managers has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years.

According to a research study from Vanson Bourne, 95% of IT and security experts see the need to emphasize stronger employee password behavior. A password manager solution known as LastPass makes it possible to do this quickly and easily.

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What is a Password Manager?

A password manager safely stores your logon IDs and passwords, and all you have to remember is a single master password. If you’re not using a password manager, it may be time to adopt this key piece of cyber security infrastructure.

As long as you keep that master password safe, hopefully in a secure offline location, you will never have to worry about forgetting your credentials again. And while many different password managers exist, the well-known LastPass is arguably one of the best password manager solutions on the market today.

It is important for every business and organization to have a password management solution in place to make life easier for employees while keeping credentials safe and secure.

What Are the Benefits of LastPass?

LastPass provides a host of key benefits for both business and personal use:

  • Ease of use: LastPass is easy to use, but the program does not sacrifice security for usability.
  • Eliminate password reuse: Many employees use the same password over and over, while others will use slight alterations to comply with corporate guidelines. LastPass eliminates this risk, making it easy for all workers to keep their credentials safe and secure.
  • Limited access to sensitive data: From a competitive standpoint, keeping corporate data secure is critical. LastPass can ensure that only employees have access to trade secrets and other potentially sensitive information.
  • Share passwords simply and easily: Sometimes it is necessary to share passwords between employees or vendors, and LastPass makes this effortless. Sharing can be done without compromising security or putting sensitive information at risk.
  • Flexible IT control: IT staff needs control over employee credentials, both for security purposes and easier upgrades. LastPass can provide your organization with this granular level of control.

What is a Single Sign On?

LastPass and other password managers work by providing employees with a single sign on that can be used to access many different websites. In order to accomplish this, the password manager safely records and encrypts logon credentials, filling them in automatically and simplifying life for employer and employee alike.

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LastPass provides this single sign-on capability, another key benefit every business grade customer will appreciate. Keeping track of passwords can be difficult, but password manager services like LastPass make it easy.

What is Multifactor Authentication?

Staying safe online has never been more difficult, and hackers are increasingly targeting businesses with their efforts. That makes a proactive response to cyber security absolutely essential, and multi-factor authentication is one of the most valuable tools in any business arsenal.

Multifactor authentication combines the standard ID and password combination with an additional form of verification, often a code sent to an employee’s smartphone or a short-term password sent to a special dongle or key fob.

Since there is an additional layer of security, cyber security is not compromised even if the original ID and password are revealed.

When it comes to passwords, a solid cyber security approach requires a robust, multipronged approach. This begins with a robust password manager like LastPass, continues through the convenience of an automatic single sign on and concludes with the enhanced security of multi-factor authentication.

Whether you’re looking to move to LastPass or you need assistance securing passwords within your network, Ontech can help you migrate to the superior solution LastPass has to offer.

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