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Rather than feeling intimated by the latest and greatest advances in technology, many small business owners are now “making friends” with IT. Efficiency is particularly a concern for small businesses since their resources are limited when compared to larger, more global companies.

Ontech Systems works with small to mid-size businesses throughout Waukesha, West Bend and the Greater Milwaukee area to streamline their business and boost employee productivity.

Typically, clients call us with a specific type of IT or computer support in mind, but when we dig deeper during our free Network Discovery; we find additional areas in need of improvement such as no data backup or recovery system in place, inefficient email systems and security vulnerabilities.

While most of our small business IT support services increase the productivity and efficiency of your business, here are 3 of our most popular IT solutions for today’s small businesses:

3 IT Solutions for greater small business efficiency

1) Office 365

smb solutionsThis solution is Microsoft’s answer to small business productivity. Office 365 gives businesses access to Exchange, SharePoint and Lync, in addition to the core Office productivity applications.

Office 365 lives in the cloud. That means you get access to Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and other tools from anywhere with a web connection – and from any device.

The features businesses particularly enjoy about Office 365 extend beyond creating, editing and accessing Office documents. Tools such as SharePoint Online allow businesses to set and restrict security permissions so anyone in the organization can view or be restricted from viewing certain documents.

These tools and others combined with the simple, intuitive nature of Office 365, make this IT solution a great value for small businesses who want to enhance efficiency and productivity in their workforce.

2) Disaster Recovery

Many people make the mistake of thinking disaster recovery is the same as data backups, but in fact, they are not one in the same.

A backup is a copy of your data that has been stored elsewhere, whether in the cloud, a server or external device. Disaster recovery is a plan for recovering that data in addition to any hardware that might have been lost in the disaster and then returning that hardware to a functional state so you can get back to business as quickly as possible.

Disaster recovery is an IT solution no business should be without. There are many solutions available for a range of budgets and data requirements. For businesses with sensitive information that if lost, would be detrimental to their business, three layers of disaster recovery may be the best solution.

By using more than one disaster recovery option, you have more options when it comes to speed of recovery and cost after a disaster takes place.  Some of the best backup systems in the industry combine three technologies into a single disaster recovery solution.

  • Layer 1 includes a hybrid storage solution to backup all data on your local network as well as in the cloud.
  • Layer 2 includes image-based backups that take entire snapshots of the server, rather than backing up individual files.
  • Layer 3 uses virtualization to convert the backup image into a virtual, fully functional server employees can use while waiting for the physical server to be rebuilt.

This combination of disaster recovery solutions could get your company up and running in a matter of minutes instead of days. If you’re not sure which disaster recovery solution is right for you, contact us online or call us at (262) 522-8560.

3) Managed IT (Managed services)

Some small businesses choose to take a proactive approach to IT support. Managed IT services allow for fixed, predictable billing so businesses can effectively budget for their fluctuating IT expenses and minimize technical issues within their network.By utilizing managed services, when problems do arise, since systems are already in place to resolve these issues, they can be resolved quickly, minimizing downtime.Ontech offers two levels of managed IT services to help maintain our client’s network.

Level 1) “OnAlert” offers the ability to monitor various network devices, 24×7, and alert the appropriate individuals on our staff and yours.

Level 2) “OnGuard” offers the ability to not only monitor and alert, but also remotely troubleshoot those devices and applications, 24×7.

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