It wasn’t long ago that going on vacation meant hauling a bulky camera and packing extra SD cards in your luggage. Back then, smartphone cameras were basic devices, good for a few snapshots but not much else.  To capture those special moments and remember your summer vacations, you needed an expensive digital camera.

Since then, times have certainly changed. Whether you own the newest iPhone or the latest Android device, the camera inside your phone now rivals the best digital cameras of a few years ago. Even some professional photographers take shots on their smartphones, and for the casual photographer, these devices have become indispensable.

Now that summer vacation season is here, it’s time to start packing, but there’s no need for an extra camera.

Make Your Smartphone Camera Even Better

You might not need a standalone camera in your suitcase, but the right accessories can make your family photos rival that of a professional photographer. There are a wealth of smartphone accessories on the market, each designed to take your photography to the next level.

Professional Quality Lenses for Your Smartphone

If you’ve watched a professional photographer at work, you’d be amazed by the sheer number of lenses in their bag. In the old days, professional-quality lenses attached to bulky cameras, providing photographers with a vast number of options as they shot sporting events, weddings, family reunions, and more.

These days, lenses have gotten smaller, but the concept is still the same. Professional photographers still rely on a variety of lenses, from fisheye and wide-angle to waterproof lenses for shooting at the beach.

The average smartphone user can now get professional-quality lenses similar to what photographers have been using for years. Instead of connecting to bulky 35mm cameras or the newer sleeker digital cameras, these lenses attach directly to your smartphone.

For a surprisingly affordable investment, these smartphone camera lenses are sure to help your budding photography skills come to life.

Types of Smartphone Camera Lenses

The great thing about outfitting your smartphone with a new lens is creating a whole new look in a matter of minutes. To capture a wide range of shots, it’s best to use a variety of different lenses, each serving a different purpose. There are many types of smartphone lenses on the market, including those outlined below.

  • Fish eye lens: The fish eye lens is one of the most fun, unusual smartphone accessories. These unique lenses provide an up close view of the world, so you can create memorable shots of your family vacation.
  • Macro lens: It’s likely that you’ll want to take close-ups on vacation and a macro lens is specially designed just for that purpose. With a macro lens, you can zoom in on the action, taking close-ups with confidence and creating memories suitable for framing.
  • Waterproof lenses: Whether you’re relaxing at the beach, diving or enjoying water sports, you can accessorize your smartphone with a waterproof lens. This simple accessory will help you shoot more confidently in conditions that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.
  • Wide angle lenses: With their short focal lengths and wide fields of view, wide angle lenses are designed to capture more of the action. If you want your finished photographs to recreate the whole scene, get a wide angle lens for your smartphone.

Tips for Finding the Right Smartphone Camera Lenses

When shopping for lenses, be sure you have the right accessories for your desired camera shots. Here are some tips to find the right lens for your photography objectives.

  • Think about the shots you want to capture. Do you prefer close-up shots or do you want to see the entire field of view?
  • Choose lenses that are durable and stand up to hard use.
  • Select lenses that are easy to install and remove. You will be switching back and forth often, so ease of installation is a must.
  • Experiment with shots before you leave for vacation. It can take some time to become acquainted with these lenses, so take lots of practice shots before you leave.

It pays to do a bit of research in order to find the right lenses for your phone, your photography style, and your next vacation so don’t rush into this decision. To begin your search for camera phone lenses, start by checking out this smartphone lens buying guide.

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