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Smartphones are sophisticated devices we try to protect with shatterproof cases and screen protectors, but what about the inner workings of the smartphone?

Most people don’t treat their phone as well as they should – sometimes simply because they don’t know any better.

Here are 5 ways you might be ruining your smartphone without even knowing it!

1) You leave your phone on all the time

Did you ditch your landline long ago? Do you use your smartphone exclusively your main source of communication? Does the thought of turning off your phone make you CRINGE?

If you use your phone as an alarm clock, entertainment device, navigation system and calendar, you’re asking your phone to do too much and putting stress on your battery.

Experts say leaving your phone on all the time stresses the battery and causes it to die quicker than it should. At minimum, consider getting a cheap alarm clock and turn off your phone each night to reduce the stress on your battery.

2) You never turn GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off

Another best practice for offering your smartphone a little relief is turning off GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use. When these features are enabled on your phone, not only are they a drain on your battery, but they could also be a potential route for malicious devices and content.

3) You don’t have a backup plan

Your smartphone is with you wherever you go. If you store important information on your phone, your security may be at risk.

You could leave it on a bus, in a coffee shop or any public setting where someone could pick up your phone and instantly have access to all your data (especially if you keep your phone unlocked). In 2013, Apple reported half of iPhone users don’t lock their phones.

If this sounds like you, consider installing software that would allow you to remotely access your phone and return it to its factory settings, erasing any personal information affiliated with you. It’s as simple as accessing your remote settings from a web browser and wiping your phone clean.

apps4) You leave apps open

Just like Bluetooth, closing applications is critical for optimal phone performance.

Is your battery draining quicker than expected?

Clear RAM on your phone and double check if you have apps and web browsers open. If you’re not in the habit of doing this, once you do, you’re sure to notice improvement.

5) iPhone Users: You use a non-Apple charger

Have an iphone but don’t want the extra expense of paying for an Apple charger? Knock-off and off-brand chargers can do damage to your phone. What’s worse, they have even been reported to cause fires and explosions!

If cost is a concern, and you need a replacement adapter for your iPhone, iPad or iPod, Apple will offer you a discount on a genuine Apple replacement charger in exchange for your non-Apple charger.

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