Software and Hardware Vulnerabilities

Hardware and software are the heart of your network. A strong, layered security approach is critical to the function of your network.

Avoid Putting Your Business At Risk

Vulnerabilities are typically categorized into software or hardware security threats.

Software is the greater risk of the two, due to its complexity. Hardware vulnerabilities typically occur as a result of infected software. Educate yourself about the software and hardware threats below and avoid putting your business at risk.

Is Your Business At Risk of These Threats?

O365 Phishing Scam

Office 365 phishing scams have taken resurgence.

Windows Server 2016

5 reasons why upgrading to Windows Server 2016 is a worthwhile investment.

End of Support

End of support for Windows XP, Microsoft 2003 and Exchange Server 2003.

Meltdown Spectre CPU

Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities are large and far-reaching.

IE Security Risks

Internet Explorer has joined the long list of security threats to businesses.

Windows Server 2003

ALL businesses operating Windows Server® 2003 after 7/14/15 – are at risk.

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*This security analysis is not all encompassing. However, the results of this analysis may prompt additional recommendations that are more focused on specific aspects of your environment. EX: PCI & HIPAA audits, in-depth anti-virus testing, firewall/router audit, etc.

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