The way we work is rapidly changing. Many companies are moving employee workspaces out of the office and into their homes – permanently. With these changes, there are bound to be businesses leaning more on their IT provider than ever before. And what they find, they might not like.

From slow response time, to poor documentation, in the current work climate, you may find yourself unhappy with the current level of service you’re receiving from your IT provider. And you’re not alone – these are the top reasons businesses switch to IT companies, contrasted with the way we do things here at Ontech Systems.

1) Lack of Consultative approach

The “other guys”: Our technicians regularly meet with prospective clients who are investing a lot of money into IT without any reports whatsoever from their current IT provider. Rather than keeping a pulse on their IT infrastructure, they are in the dark about what is happening with their data, they aren’t aware of weaknesses in their network, and they have no clue when the latest backup was done.

Ontech: The IT industry is becoming less of actual IT support, and more about planning. At Ontech, our people is our product. We look for IT consultants who are good with both clients and IT. We do a 60 and 90 day review – as your methodology changes, we can adapt with it. We also conduct regular 3, 4, and 5 year budget plans with clients to help them with expenses and offer flexibility.

2) Poor Response Time

The “other guys”: Aside from lack of communication, poor response time is a common problem we hear about from prospective clients. If a problem arises, it is often the client who has to bring it to light rather than the other way around.

Ontech: Ontech stands behind our 1-hour response time – no more waiting weeks to hear back from your IT support provider. Unlike many IT companies, we return phone calls or emails within an hour during normal business hours. We have excellent communication and we don’t lock our clients into long-term contracts. If you’re not happy with our services, simply let us know.

3) Poor Documentation

The “other guys”: Poor documentation is another common frustration prospective clients share with us before they make the switch to Ontech. Either their IT provider is holding logins/data hostage or they don’t have them documented which creates even more problems down the road.

Ontech: Ontech clients use a cloud based system called “My Glue” to access their login details where all credentials are stored in one place that is accessible to client, Ontech, and in-house IT staff.

4) Holding Your Network Hostage

The “other guys”: It’s common for ransomware to hold your data hostage – but your IT company? Unfortunately, this situation can occur the moment you inform your current IT provider that you are switching providers.

In an effort to retain your business, they tell you that if you switch, your data will be wiped out permanently. Or, they simply don’t provide you with the logins you need to make the switch. Ethics aside, this type of action demonstrates a clear lack of concern for your businesses welfare, emphasizing the importance of doing your research before you enter a business relationship with a new provider.

Ontech: The way we see it is this; it is your network. We are your partner and we will never hold your information hostage or keep any data from you. This is an approach that is especially useful for companies with internal IT staff.

5) No Active Certifications

The “other guys”: Many IT companies do not make it mandatory for their technicians to stay on top of the latest certifications. This is in turn doing you a disservice given the rate at which technology changes and vendors update their hardware and software systems.

Ontech: Ontech requires our technicians to obtain one major certification per year to ensure that the advice and direction we provide is up to date with the latest technology available. We know the products and we can help you define a plan.

A True Partner

From our consultative approach, to our exceptional expertise and communication, if you’re frustrated with your current IT provider, Ontech Systems is ready to be your IT partner. We go above and beyond for our customers by helping them streamline their vendors, manage their subscriptions and design an IT infrastructure that can grow with their business.

Contact our support team at 262-522-8560 and let us know how we can help. We’ll work with you to make the transition as seamless and stress free as possible.

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