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1. Sensorwake Alarm: An Alarm Clock for Your Nose

sensorwakeWhat if you could wake up to the smell of a hot fresh croissant, chocolate or invigorating peppermint?

Enter Sensorwake, discovered by Google and funded with Kickstarter.

It’s an alarm clock that uses smell to wake you up in the morning instead of sound.

You can choose from a handful of scents including espresso, fresh mown grass, chocolate, peppermint, a hot baked croissant or toast.

The smell is generated from a capsule that lasts 30 days, (which amounts to 30 uses) and you can switch out scents as you wish. This innovative new product aims to ship this summer for $109 but you can pre-order it now for $89.

Worried the smell won’t wake you? They do have an option to set a backup alarm.

bonjour2. Bonjour Alarm: Your New Personal Assistant

Smells not your thing?

is a smart alarm clock that monitors your environment and schedule – and wakes you up to based on your requirements.

Traffic in the way of your commute?

Bonjour can wake you at an earlier or later time so you can avoid it.

3. Nima: Your New BFF for Gluten Free Intolerance

gluten sensorIf you or someone you love suffers from gluten intolerance, you’ll love this.

This small, triangular device is the world’s first portable gluten sensor.

Just fill a disposable capsule with the food sample, screw the lid shut to grind the food and wait for the LED smiley face.

If food has 20 ppm or more of gluten, you’ll see a frown. This technology opens up amazing possibilities for people with all kinds of food sensitivities and allergies.

4. Smart All in One Washer/Dryer that Actually Works

MarathonWhile not technically a ‘gadget’, a successful version of the Marathon Laundry Machine has been a long time coming.

The founders of this machine have positioned it to be the Tesla of large appliances.

While washer-dryer hybrids do currently exist, this one uses standard dryer venting technology so your clothes actually get dry after the wash cycle.

This washer/dryer is also smart – just connect it to your Wi-Fi to keep track of your energy usage. If you have multiple people in your household doing laundry, you’ll appreciate that this unit can remember preferences for different users.

Priced at $1,200, the cost of most standard washer and dryer units, this innovation comes out mid-2016.

5. Prizm Anticipates Your Music Moods

PrizmThis music player paves the way for a new standard of listening to music.

Prizm is a Bluetooth-connected speaker that plays music from all your streaming accounts.

It recognizes you, along with anyone else in the room connected to Prizm and automatically plays music that both of you like.

Prizm learns from your behavior too. Like listening to Jazz on a Friday night? Prizm will learn this information and anticipate your needs without you lifting a finger.

The more you listen and interact with Prizm, the more it learns and remembers your tastes and habits.

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