The world has gone digital in a big way, creating a host of issues as well as enormous opportunities. The way we store and use data has undergone a profound shift in a short period of time, but all too often the security of that data has been in question.

Now industry, government and concerned citizens are coming together to address those issues. World Backup Day is a time to back up your data and check your files, but March 31st is about much more than copying files.

On March 31st, the founders of World Backup Day are banding together to raise awareness of a serious issue, one that affects businesses large and small and individuals alike. From the books we read and the movies we watch, to the music we listen to and the photos we store, digital data is everywhere. The digital nature of our cultural heritage makes secure backup an absolute necessity.

Ontech Has Taken the Pledge – Will You?

Creating and securing that digital heritage is what World Backup Day is all about. From ordinary users who have never backed up their data to businesses looking for a more secure data backup solution, everyone can get involved this year on March 31st.

Every Day is Backup Day

World Backup Day is coming fast, but you don’t need to wait to take action. Every day should be backup day, and it’s never too early to start – or too late to improve your company’s backup strategy.

The shocking data backup statistics surrounding personal and business backups are troubling – further proof that World Backup Day is sorely needed. Studies show that nearly a third of all data disasters are the result of an accident, and 10% of all computers are currently harboring at least one virus. If you think your system is immune, you could be in for a rude awakening.

Data Backup is a Must for All Businesses

No business is too large or small to benefit from a solid backup plan. As World Backup Day approaches, now is the perfect time to improve your backup strategy – or create a backup strategy for your business.

Backing up your data is more than inserting a thumb drive into your desktop computer or connecting an external hard drive to a critical server. Developing a backup plan requires a comprehensive checklist, one that Ontech Systems is happy to assist with.

Whether you already have a backup plan in place or you’re just getting started, our expert staff can help you create a plan that protects your data in an increasingly dangerous digital world.

Data Backup Checklist

Backing up your data may seem like a daunting task, but not if you break it down the right way. If you want to secure your data and protect your business, the following data backup checklist can help.

It’s time to get real about backing up your data, so why not use World Backup Day as the catalyst? This checklist could save your data – and your business.

If you’re not verifying the validity of your backups on a regular basis, you are flying blind, so checking your existing backups should be the first order of business. Once that task has been completed, you can move on to the rest of the checklist.

  • Make sure your backup includes ALL your files, including operating system files, software application files, lesser used data files and all data files from every company server.
  • Verify that your backups are running on schedule. Do not simply assume your backups are running every night – until you check, you can never be sure.
  • Address the frequency of your backups. Is backing up your data on a nightly basis really enough? Can you afford to lose an entire day’s work? You may need to adjust the way your backups run and how often your data is archived.
  • Ensure every device is being backed up. These days tablets, smartphones and other devices store enormous amounts of data. Is the information they contain included in your backup plan?
  • Give your backup a backup plan. It’s not enough to have a single backup – your backup also needs a backup. Making two backups builds redundancy into your network and adds an extra layer of security to your business.
  • Think in terms of recovery. Having a backup plan in place is only the first step. If you want your business to survive a disaster, you need a plan for fast recovery. If your disaster recovery plan is robust and well thought out, your customers never need to know about the temporary loss of a server or critical device.

A Quick Note for Windows 7 Users

Having a solid backup plan is critical to the health of your business, but so is the right software. After many years of faithful service and regular updates, the Windows 7 end-of-life date is rapidly approaching.

As of January 14th, 2020, extended support for this popular operating system will officially come to an end. If you are still running Windows 7, it is time to develop an upgrade plan for all your devices.

Once again, the experts at Ontech Systems are here to help you develop a comprehensive upgrade strategy that maintains support and helps you protect your data.

Just give us a call and contact us today at 262-522-8560 to discuss your Windows 7 concerns, backup issues or anything else in the tech universe.

Or, get started by requesting a free network discovery to get an assessment of your network.

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