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Ontech Systems can support your cyber security needs as your dedicated IT provider or by working in tandem with your internal IT staff.

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing has changed technology, moving computing infrastructure from internal IT or data centers to online applications from a cloud service provider. This transition has led to far-reaching benefits and options for businesses and individuals, allowing you to only pay for what you use rather than maintaining the hardware to sustain it.

Now that cloud computing is the norm and platform as a service is the standard, it’s important to choose reliable services that remove IT roadblocks that ease IT expenses. Here at Ontech, we help businesses transition to a cloud platform and offer cloud storage without disrupting their operating systems or budget.

Gain Flexibility and Control

  • Ease of access to what you need, when you need it most.
  • Flexibility and control, being able to provision services in a moment’s notice, or shut-down services just as quickly.
  • This control with cloud subscriptions makes managing IT expenses easier than before.
  • Ability to use virtual machines rather than investing in endless hardware and software.
  • Access to service SaaS (Software as a Service).
  • Access to service PaaS (Platform as a Service).
  • Access to service Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service).
  • Intelligent cloud by way of machine learning.
Cloud services

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