Cyber Security Services & Security Consulting

IT security is a process, not a project. As technology variables change, threats are introduced that need to be addressed within your business network.

Ontech can support your cyber security needs as your dedicated IT provider or by working in tandem with your internal IT staff.

Your Cyber Security Expert

Businesses are targeted more and more frequently by cyber-attackers, increasing the demand for consistent, reliable 24×7 threat monitoring and management. Ontech’s Managed Cyber Security Services provide around-the-clock, proactive monitoring and threat assessment for organizations of any size. We can work alongside your existing IT department, or independently implement the preventive measures you need to protect your unique network and data. Plus, get the advanced reporting and documentation you need to meet the changing demands of compliance in your industry.

We offer multiple levels of enterprise managed security with services including:

  • Security awareness training
  • Secure DNS-layer protection
  • Dark web scanning
  • Office 365 Risk Watch
  • Intrusion detection, response and remediation
  • Next generation endpoint security
  • Threat intelligence support
  • Complete SOC services
  • Ultimate SIEM technology
  • Advanced reporting for compliance
  • Security event monitoring and analysis
Stop a breach or information security threat before it happens.

Cybersecurity breaches caused by human error. (source)


Malware is delivered by email. (source)

$4 Billion

The Equifax breach cost the company in total. (source)

AI Poses Threat to Jobs, Cyber Security

Don’t wait for an emergency. plan Ahead.

Antivirus & Malware Cyber Security Services

Antivirus & Malware

It’s important that your antivirus software is constantly updated on all devices (including servers), since these updates keep new viruses at bay. One of the easiest ways to integrate antivirus protection into your business is through desktop monitoring which takes care of these updates automatically. This managed service quietly works in the background to monitor and repair common problems with a primary goal of keeping employees productive at all times. Through desktop monitoring, if a virus infects a computer, a tech can take care of it before it infects your entire network.

Business email solutions wi

Spam Prevention

Given the sheer volume of spam and the rate at which spammers adapt messages and approaches to get past filters, there is no single solution to stop spam, no easy button to ensure only legitimate emails get through.

Instead, spam control is often a matter of training your spam filter and finding the right solution.

security awareness training

Security Awareness Training

Employees can be your strongest defense – or your weakest link in the security chain. Through security awareness training, you can begin with a simulated attack that sends out realistic, but harmless phishing emails to employees to gauge the effectiveness of your current cyber defenses. With effective training you’ll have the framework you need to develop your own internal cyber security programs and incident response plans.

Phishing Protection

Phishing attack prevention is a must-have for any modern day business. There are steps your business can proactively take to prevent this cyber threat – one of the best being security awareness training on how to avoid a phishing attack.

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