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In today’s digital age, there are many options when it comes to business email. While Office 365 is often considered the gold standard for email, there are many other services available that offer security and compliance.

Ontech Systems can support your business email needs as your dedicated IT provider or by working in tandem with your internal IT staff to provide email service solutions.

Office 365 Email Support

The business plans for Office 365 offer a scalable, cloud-based subscription service that includes the latest versions of Microsoft Office Suites.

Local vs. Cloud Based Business Email

  • Migrate from local Exchange to cloud based Office 365

  • Migrate from a web-based platform to Office 365

  • Your business prefers to remain on Exchange, but requires assistance supporting your business email service.

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Email Security

Email security can be broken down into three primary areas:

  • Spam filtering – stop the spam before it even reaches users.
  • Phishing attack prevention – take proactive security steps to prevent a phishing attack.
  • Security awareness training – educate users on what to look for.

The basics of how to spot a phishing email begins with educating staff through security awareness training that allows you to create realistic phishing scams that mimic threats your business could potentially face. Our consulting helps enhance your security testing and secure your business emails.

Email Backup Solutions

It’s ideal to have both long term and point-in-time storage features that optimize storage. Here’s a breakdown of the difference between email archiving and email backup.

Email archiving: Data archiving allows for shorter backups and a reduction in primary storage and total operating costs. (It doesn’t include other data across the network that would be needed for disaster recovery.)

Email backup: Retaining backup data is necessary for disaster recovery and compliance. This is a cloud-based, long-term, reliable storage solution that is low cost, with a fast recovery.

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Email Compliance & File Sharing for Businesses

In some cases, data may need to be maintained for a period of time, such as 7 years. Microsoft Azure can greatly assist with compliance needs.

File Sharing & Collaboration

Rather than using a third part solution that may not be fully secure, Microsoft makes collaboration easy with their robust file sharing solution enabling more secure data.

SharePoint Online is a powerful communication and collaboration tool that allows employees to access workplace files no matter where they are located.

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