Improve File Deliverability with Cloud File Sharing For Business

The term ‘cloud-based file sharing’ sounds more intimidating than it really is. Simply put, this technology provides the business with a secure files transfer solution and gives employees access company data, regardless of location or device.

Employees want easy access to the tools necessary to do their jobs, but at the same time, businesses don’t want to put their data at risk. Cloud-based file sharing not only provides employees with 24/7 access to company data, but it does so securely, without putting your business at risk – through secure file sharing and business cloud storage.

When it comes to cloud file sharing for business, it’s important to find the right solution that won’t put your business at risk.

Reliable File Deliverability

Have you experienced the frustration of sending large file attachments (that failed to deliver), or sending/receiving ZIP files only to have them blocked by email servers? With a cloud based file sharing solution at your service, those frustrations are a thing of the past.

Say goodbye to ‘your email cannot be delivered’ and hello to ‘file transfer completed successfully’. Sounds like a winning outcome, right? With a business file sharing solution, you can avoid consumer grade file sharing risks, and securely send large, encrypted filesand know they’ll be delivered.

Ontech Systems can help you find the right file sharing solution for your Milwaukee area business. Contact our support team today to request a file sharing estimate.

Achieve Secure File Sharing and Greater Data Control Through OnCloud

For today’s savvy businesses, Ontech Systems offers OnCloud, a HIPAA compliant file sharing service that is so secure, it can keep your business in compliance with HIPAA regulations. With OnCloud safeguarding your files, you never have to worry about accidentally creating access points or vulnerabilities in your network that would allow hackers access to your sensitive company data.

Encrypted file sharing is possible through OnCloud, Ontech’s business-grade file sharing solution. Through this private file sharing solution, you can control access to any company data you’d like. From limiting the time in which a user has access to business documents to restricting the synchronizing of devices to company servers, OnCloud makes file sharing easy.

Additionally, OnCloud allows you to monitor how employees interact with your data. Worried former employees might have access to company files? You can actually “unlink” devices from shared files so users leaving the company can’t take files with them or access them once they are no longer active. Contact our team with your cloud file sharing questions or request a quote today.

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