24×7 Managed Security Services (MSS)

Network and information security is not just about protecting an individual computer. It is also about taking a forward thinking approach that identifies and corrects risks found throughout your entire network before problems occur.

Ontech can support your cyber security needs as your dedicated IT provider or by working in tandem with your internal IT staff.

Advanced, Intelligent Security Support

As your company’s reliance on technology grows, so does your potential to become vulnerable to cyber attacks and data loss. The amount of resources required by your business to stay on top of the evolving threat landscape can very easily overwhelm your budgets and stretch your workforce thin.

At Ontech, we understand the burden that cyber security planning and implementation can have on your business. That is why we are here to help take the load off by providing you with 24×7 managed security support for your network and endpoints. Our managed security services don’t just provide you with advanced tech support, but also help you build security policies and train your employees to be security savvy and prepared for any cyber security scenario.

Whether supporting your existing IT department, or serving as your full-time security provider, we can easily adapt our services to meet the unique needs of your individual business. All at a price that fits within your budget.

Our Two-Pronged Approach

A solid cyber security solution, like Ontech’s Managed Security, can significantly strengthen your network. Network auditing is fast becoming an indispensable tool in the maintenance of a healthy network.

And when it comes to defending the sensitive data within your network, going on the offensive is a surefire way to tackle the “unknown” particularly in today’s age of rampant viruses and sophisticated computer hackers. No matter how big or small, all companies are at risk of security threats to their network.

Network auditing software is an important security tool many businesses have begun to utilize due to the pro-active two-pronged approach to network security. It enables Ontech to carry out risk assessments and provide an accurate view of the entire network and subnets, making it easier to spot any open ports, unaccounted for components or other vulnerabilities. This service allows prompt action to protect against any open risks.

Ontech Systems
managed security services

Enterprise Managed Security

24×7 Proactive Threat Management to Meet Your Changing Compliance Needs

As enterprise scale businesses are targeted more and more frequently by cyber-attackers, the demand for consistent, reliable 24×7 threat monitoring and management is increasing. Having the ability to stop a breach or information security threat before it happens can give you a hard to find advantage in the wide world of network security.

Ontech’s Enterprise Managed Security Services provide around-the-clock, proactive monitoring and threat assessment for organizations of any size. We can work alongside your existing IT department, or independently implement the preventive measures you need to protect your unique network and data. Plus, get the advanced reporting and documentation you need to meet the changing demands of compliance in your industry.

We offer multiple levels of enterprise managed security with services including:

  • Security awareness training
  • Secure DNS-layer protection
  • Dark web scanning
  • Office 365 Risk Watch
  • Intrusion detection, response and remediation
  • Next generation endpoint security
  • Threat intelligence support
  • Complete SOC services
  • Ultimate SIEM technology
  • Advanced reporting for compliance
  • Security event monitoring and analysis

Identify Hidden Security Loopholes in Your Network

Through our network discovery, one of our qualified, professional techs will evaluate your organization’s current security posture and identify potential vulnerabilities to your network.

The results of your Network Discovery will allow us to offer ways to bolster your cyber security program, develop policies and procedures that can ensure your business remains in compliance, and answer all your data backup and technical questions.

Your Network Discovery includes an audit of your current network, infrastructure, server(s), PC’s, backups, and security resource performance and reliability. It will then be followed by a non-technical Q&A Session with our Network Consultant.

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