Location: Kettle Hills Golf Course

Date: Tuesday, August 6th, 2024


  • 7:45AM – 8:30AM: Registration & Networking
  • 9:00AM: Shotgun Start (18-Hole Scramble)
  • 11:00AM: Boxed Lunch Provided
  • 1:30PM – 3:30PM: Buffet & Silent Auction

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What is Lupus?

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease with no single cause and, currently, no cure. In people with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) – the most common form of Lupus – the immune system attacks the body’s own healthy tissue, causing a wide range of symptoms including pain, fatigue, rashes, brain fog, and organ damage. Most of this damage is internal, so people with Lupus often don’t “look sick.” The frequency and severity of increased disease activity, or symptom flares, varies widely from person to person, making diagnosis difficult and treatments different for everyone. Along with more research and better treatments, lupus warriors depend on organizations like the Lupus Foundation of America, Wisconsin Chapter for support, education, and resources that improve their quality of life.

How Ontech Systems, Inc. and Ontech Talent extend their support for Lupus Research & Awareness:

Ontech Systems, Inc and Ontech Talent support The Lupus Foundation of America, Wisconsin Chapter in their ongoing fight against Lupus. The collaboration on this charity event is in part, due to Mark Dohnal, President and Partner of Ontech Systems, Inc and Nicole Whitbeck-Dohnal, President of Ontech Talent. Their personal struggle with Lupus has brought light to this disease that affects nearly 1.5 million Americans.

Lupus Survivor Story:

When I was 27, I was diagnosed with two different types of cancer. Two different oncologists told me that I had cancer. I, in fact, did not have cancer. I had Lupus. Lupus is the great mimicker. I looked like I had cancer, my blood work reflected cancer, my symptoms said cancer, PET scans, and multiple bone marrow biopsies said cancer. The lymph node extractions, also said cancer.

I went to 12 different doctors and specialists and spent 16 months letting my body slowly decline before I was diagnosed correctly. Lupus. Sadly, this is not an unusual story. Most people with Lupus will tell you of a similar experience.

Over the years since my initial diagnosis, I have sustained countless hours in the hospital, receiving infusions, medical intervention, and visits to the doctor, but I am a proud mother of two and have been able to continue with my career not just surviving, but thriving.

There are many who have walked this same path and we are grateful for the Lupus Foundation and their continued fight to ‘Drive Out Lupus’.

We truly appreciate your support and look forward to making a positive impact together!

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