For years, Ontech has provided businesses throughout greater Milwaukee with email support through Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite related services. Our technicians have now made it official by completing the sales and technical training to earn the badge of becoming an official G Suite partner.

The certification is in line with our goal as a company to be cloud agnostic so we can better support a wider variety of environments that meet our client’s best interest.

Ontech has the ability to certifiably support existing G Suite environments and also assist in migration to G Suite implementations.

What is G Suite?

If you’re not familiar with G Suite, it provides a complete set of office productivity solutions from Google Cloud which serves as an alternative to Microsoft Office 365.

Is G Suite Secure?

Email through the business grade G Suite solution is exceptionally secure. Google has multiple layers of security in place that hackers would need to penetrate before reaching Google’s data center.

However, if you are using free consumer Gmail, we encourage you to upgrade to G Suite if you need to remain compliant with regulatory bodies like HIPAA or in the event your organization requires robust email security (which most organizations do these days since 1 in every 99 emails is a phishing attack).

What is the Difference between G Suite and Consumer Gmail?

Aside from a user management console and file sharing, business grade G Suite has a variety of additional security measures that the free consumer version does not.

Just as Microsoft has Teams for conferencing, G Suite has Hangouts Meet, a meeting application that is included at no additional cost. G Suite also includes Hangouts Chat, a competitor to Slack.

How to Get Started with G Suite

While it is common for an internal IT person or staff to implement G Suite, if you do not have in house IT staff, Ontech can remotely assist with your G Suite migration from start to finish.

We will begin by evaluating your existing system to ensure complete compatibility and migrate data from a variety of sources like Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, GoDaddy, and more.

Give Ontech’s support team a call with all your G Suite questions at 262-522-8560 or send us a request online.