Having the right tools and services for your business can make a significant difference in efficiency, productivity, and overall success. There are so many different software solutions, a multitude of productivity tools and hacks, and countless outsourced services to consider. Here are the basic categories you need to explore to help streamline your business, keep it safeguarded, and efficiently and effortlessly grow.

Communication Tools

Ensuring you have the proper communication tools is essential for keeping your team connected internally and with customers. This includes email services like Outlook or Gmail, messaging platforms for group chats and other collaborative communication, and video conferencing. Their value has increased in recent years as remote and hybrid work models have become more common. Implementing these tools will help maintain your company’s culture, productivity, and overall communication.

Getting these tools in place for your business will help you keep a grip on your culture, productivity, and overall communication as a whole.

Productivity Tools

No matter the industry, every business should invest in basic productivity tools. Time and project management software can give you real-time data on how your team is working through projects and alert you to any bottlenecks or insufficiencies in your processes. While these tools are often considered a luxury, for teams of any size, we recommend exploring this option especially if you’re running into burnout, confusion, holdups, or lack of transparency in your company.

Another essential productivity tool for businesses is an Office suite. Features like word processing, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and note-taking help keep documentation management streamlined, efficient, and accessible to everyone.

Financial Management Tools

Keeping your financials clean, clear, and under control when you’re in business is essential. Set yourself up for success with accounting software that streamlines your financial operations, tracks expenses, manages invoices, and generates financial reporting.

If you need on-site financial processing software, such as a card reader or cashier counter, we recommend first contacting your business bank to inquire about processing rates and proceed from there. However, credit card processing fees are competitive, so be sure to explore several options before deciding on the right set up for your business. This can help you cut down expenses by keeping processing fees at bay.

Security Tools & Services

Every business needs to secure its assets. Whether physical, digital, or a combination of both, leaving your business vulnerable to cyber threats, theft, data breaches, malware attacks, and more is a costly mistake. Antivirus software, VPN services, password management, and firewalls are examples of essential defenses businesses need to consider.

At Ontech Systems, Inc., we provide your business with peace of mind by protecting your valuable assets from evolving cyber threats. Schedule a free network discovery with our team to understand your business vulnerabilities, enabling you to take swift action to ensure security.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

CRM software empowers businesses to elevate sales strategies and gain deeper insights into customer dynamics. Centralize your data with a customizable CRM, enabling you to track interactions, manage leads, automate sales and marketing, enhance customer engagement, bolster retention efforts, and optimize sales performance.

Marketing Tools

Marketing your business can feel overwhelming due to the expansive landscape and constant evolution of technologies and platforms. The pressure to engage in various strategies may leave you feeling like you must do everything to gain traction. Rest assured, developing a strategy around your sales and marketing will be the most important first step.

Once you’ve rooted your strategy in your business analytics, goals, and opportunities, it’s time to dive into the various tools on the market and decide which one is best for you. While there are many software and tools to consider, the basic ones you should explore are email marketing software, social media management, and analytics. Together, these three will help you keep up with your business’ marketing efforts.

File Storage and Sharing Services

Setting up your business IT to store, share, and access files for your business is a very important step. While some of the integration and sharing setup can be implemented by yourself, we highly recommend working with IT field experts to ensure the framework is sound and secure.

Ontech Systems, Inc. offers outsourced IT setup and management that takes the burden off of business owners and their internal teams, so that you can focus on your zone of genius with peace of mind.

Contact us today to get started!

Website Tools & Services

Don’t underestimate the significance of establishing an online presence for your business! Investing in a professionally designed, user-friendly website that prioritizes sales is crucial in today’s digital landscape. Your website often serves as the focal point for all traffic and plays a pivotal role in the sales process, branding, and establishing professional credibility. Ensure you have the necessary infrastructure in place, including hosting, security, backups, integrations, and analytics, to maximize the effectiveness of your digital footprint.

Backup and Recovery Services

This goes hand in hand with your website, file storage, and sharing solutions. Those tools are only as good as your backup and recovery systems and plan. In the event of an unfortunate event that shuts down or deletes your data, you want to act swiftly and to be able to restore your digital business assets as quickly and accurately as possible.

Working with Ontech Systems, Inc. we map out a disaster recovery plan to make sure your business is covered if such things should happen. In addition, we develop and manage the infrastructure to mitigate such events from happening in the first place. However, studies show that approximately 74% of breaches involve a human error, which includes falling victim to social engineering attacks or misuse. Talk with an expert today to map out your disaster recovery plan!

Human Resources Management Tools & Services

As the business landscape has transformed in recent years to embrace remote work, flexible policies, and hybrid teams, the importance of managing both people and culture has evolved as well. Providing your HR department with the necessary tools to execute their duties and enhance the cultural experience within your organization is essential. Remember, when HR is satisfied, everyone benefits!

Start by auditing your payroll software to ensure it remains efficient as your team expands. Additionally, invest in HR management software to track benefits usage, work anniversaries, promotions, career development, and more.

Moreover, empower your HR team with the right tools and training to recruit the next generation of talent effectively. Explore these solutions through Ontech Systems’ sister company, Ontech Talent, to find the ideal fit for your organization’s needs.

Customer Support Tools & Services

Depending on your business offerings, it’s crucial to consider customer support tools and services. Streamlining your customer support process can greatly benefit your business, resulting in invaluable testimonials, referrals, and customer retention. Look into tools and services that provide enhanced access to your support team, such as 24/7 call services or integrated live chat on your website. You also want to be sure you’re keeping a pulse on your customer’s experience and regularly seeking feedback, reviews, and testimonials. This will help you make any relevant changes to your processes and can give you the opportunity to really connect with your customers.

Legal and Compliance Tools

Ensuring your business complies with state and federal laws and regulations is non-negotiable. To facilitate this, incorporate tools that streamline the compliance process. Consider using documentation signing software to allow for digital signatures, encrypted and secured document sharing, or even compliance management software could really save your business from any legal issues.

Training and Development Tools

One final category of business tools and services your business should consider investing in is training and development. Continual investment into your greatest asset – your people – will help your business grow and scale to new heights while cultivating a strong, connected, and accountable culture within your organization.

Ontech Systems, Inc. offers cyber security awareness training for businesses. After all, employees can be your strongest defense – or your weakest link in the security chain. Kickstart your security awareness training with a simulated attack, sending out harmless yet realistic phishing emails to gauge your current cyber defenses’ effectiveness. With comprehensive training, you’ll establish the foundation to develop internal cybersecurity programs and incident response plans. Contact us today to begin fortifying your defenses!

Next Steps

Every business has unique needs, so not every tool or service will suit you. This list serves as a starting point to prioritize what’s essential as you establish and grow your business. While some tasks can be handled internally, others may require specialized attention and investment.

If you’re uncertain where to begin, establishing a robust security infrastructure should be your first step. This forms the foundation for any other tool, software, or service you invest in, safeguarding your assets and providing peace of mind.

Start by scheduling a free network discovery call to identify your cybersecurity weaknesses and opportunities. From there, we can develop a disaster recovery plan, implement necessary safety measures, and ensure your team feels confident in your cybersecurity approach. Contact an Ontech Systems, Inc. professional today!