Are VOIP Business Phone Services Right for Your Business?

Even in an age of email and instant messaging, the telephone remains the primary form of communication in the business world. No matter what your business does or how it operates, the quality of your phone system matters greatly.

VoIP: Fast, Reliable Business Phone Service

If your phone system is less than reliable, your business could come to a screeching halt while repairs are made, hindering productivity.

The need for fast, reliable and affordable business phone service is leading many businesses to abandon their old-fashioned telephone systems for state-of-the-art VOIP systems.

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VOIP, offers a number of important benefits over traditional business phone service.

But the question remains – is this technology the right choice for your business?

Kevin Hegel – VoIP Specialist

VOIP Business Phone Services: Rapid Growth and Fast Integration

VOIP is no longer a new, unproven technology in the communications industry.  The North American VOIP market is growing fast and at this rate, VOIP is expected to dominate the market in the very near future.

As older business telephone systems age and start to break down, more and more businesses are replacing their older technology with state-of-the-art cloud-based VOIP.

In particular, corporate use of business cloud VOIP business phone services and Unified Communication (UC) is growing rapidly. The convergence of UC, which joins Microsoft’s hosted messaging and tools like Exchange and SharePoint, with cloud-based VOIP, creates a powerful new dynamic that traditional phone systems are unable to match.

Advantages of VOIP over Traditional Phone Service

Compared to traditional business telephone service, the use of VOIP carries some important benefits like expanded caller ID as well as integrated communication features like email, messaging apps, collaborative tools and greater reliability.

Since VOIP business phone service is cloud-based, they’re easy to access, simple to update and supremely scalable. From the smallest businesses to the largest multinational corporations, businesses of all sizes can use VOIP to lower their costs, improve the reliability of their phone systems and enjoy a host of additional benefits.

VOIP is also portable, something that traditional phone systems cannot claim, which is a major benefit for small businesses who often find themselves outgrowing their original space.

Why Small Businesses Love VOIP Business Phone Services

If your small business needs to rent a larger space, you can simply take VOIP with you, and thanks to the cloud-based nature of the service, you can be up and running at your new location in no time.

Since the cost of VOIP is generally far lower than that of traditional hard-wired phone systems, small businesses can optimize their resources and reallocate funds as they see fit.

VOIP also provides small businesses with a greater level of freedom and flexibility. During growth phases, small businesses can hire home-based workers and allow them to connect from anywhere. They can ramp up quickly using cloud-based VOIP systems to scale their business and better support communication efforts.

VOIP Benefits for Mid-Sized to Enterprise Level Businesses

Medium and enterprise level businesses can hire new employees and bring them onboard quickly, but also use temporary employees and freelance resources, something that a cloud-based VOIP solution greatly simplifies.

Enterprise businesses who need to replace their aging phone systems typically see substantial cost savings, making the more affordable cloud-based VOIP the obvious choice.

Reasons to Switch

No matter what the size of your business, there are some compelling reasons to switch from traditional business phone systems to a cloud-based VOIP approach:

  • Lower costs
  • Easy portability
  • Multi-functionality
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Additional features
  • Simple updates
  • State-of-the-art technology


If you’re considering VOIP for your organization, you probably have a lot of questions. The switch to VOIP can provide some powerful benefits, but it is not a change to be taken lightly.

There are questions we hear all the time from business owners and managers considering VOIP. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about business VOIP systems.

How Does VOIP Work?

As the name implies, a VOIP system uses an internet connection to make and receive phone calls. If you have a stable, reliable internet connection, VOIP phone service should be comparable to, or better than, traditional phone service.

What Do I Need to Use VOIP?

Your business will need high-speed internet to enjoy the advantages of VOIP. You can use a variety of phones with a VOIP system, including traditional telephones and special IP phones.

How Do I Use a VOIP Phone?

Just pick up the phone and dial the number you want to call. You will need to sign up with a VOIP provider, but once you do, the process is the same as you are used to.

How is the Call Quality?

In the early days of VOIP, there were some quality issues, and perceptions of poor call quality still persists in much of the business world. However, the good news is that the call quality of VOIP has vastly improved, and it is now comparable to, or even better than, traditional phone service.

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Getting Started with Business VOIP

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