The speed at which our world, and the way we conduct business, is moving to the online space is increasingly getting faster. With such advancements comes the need for increased cybersecurity measures to help businesses retain the digital protection of their online assets. Unfortunately, many IT departments have not been able to keep up with the landscape of modern digital security and cybercrime. The need for more intelligent systems is revealed to be more pertinent than ever to help fill these gaps. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) through machine learning systems and automation comes into play.

To help you better understand the importance of cybersecurity and the utilization of such tools for your business, here are the top 3 benefits of AI automation and how it can boost cybersecurity. Managed Security Services (MSS) like the services provided by Ontech Systems can help you implement these AI automation practices instantly.

1. Round-the-Clock Security Measures Utilizing AI and Automation with MSS Providers

The number of resources required by your business to stay on top of the evolving cyber-threat landscape can very easily overwhelm your budgets and stretch your workforce thin. This burden can be all-consuming unless managed seamlessly by a trusted MSS provider.

The knowledge, skills, time, and resources MSS providers possess in the ever-changing digital environment is worth investing in. Rather than you, your internal IT person, or your department constantly educating and evaluating new trends in the cybersecurity market, MSS providers remain agile in the tools, systems, solutions, trends, and news that impact businesses the most.

MSS providers like Ontech offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year managed security support for your network and endpoints. Our managed security services don’t just provide you with advanced tech support, but also help you build security policies and train your employees to be prepared for any cybersecurity scenario. As an MSS, we also work to develop a sound, secure system that is suitable for your business by tapping into technologies like AI, machine learning, and automation to give you the best, most secure outcome.

Whether supporting your existing IT department or serving as your full-time security provider, Ontech can easily adapt our services to meet the unique needs of your individual business – all at a price that fits within your budget.

2. Flag & Protect Against Unauthorized Sign-ins or Threats

Geographical sign-in monitoring is becoming an industry-leading security measure across the globe. This is just one example of how AI and machine learning automation can protect your business assets that live behind an online login. For instance, if you always sign in from the USA but notice a sudden sign-in attempt from another country, machine learning can flag that as a different, outside-of-the-normal activity. From there, AI can correlate this to see recent activity and factor in the time it might take for the user to travel to the other country, determining if it is a legitimate sign-in. In most cases, the odd sign-in will in fact be fraudulent and the system can fire a series of automations to block continued sign-ins from that location and protect the user from further hacking of the site or passwords.

Ontech actively evaluates and adapts our support based on market technologies and trends in cybersecurity. Network auditing is another automated approach we use to continually examine areas of improvement, flag potential threats, build out protection automation, and so much more, allowing prompt, seamless action to be taken in times of high risk.

3. Automation to Alleviate IT of Manual, Routine Tasks

Automation is a dynamic tool that, when implemented well, can offload repetitive tasks from your IT team, freeing them up to focus more deeply on higher-priorities and strategic work. Studies reveal that without the help of automation, IT departments often disregard 74% or more of alerts that could lead to devastating attacks.

Manual security monitoring is very time-consuming and relies too heavily on the workforce. Automation can be the key to enabling best-practice, policy-driven tasks to run as they should without the worry of human error. This will help support a shift in the department from routine monitoring and response tasks to more strategic output instead of sheer technical support. While automation cannot replace the workforce, nor should it, it can be a robust tool that can catapult your business to the next level of proactive cybersecurity.

Are you ready to offload your IT and cybersecurity burden to unlock a more sustainable and stable digital security solution? Give Ontech a call today to discuss the next steps for adopting AI, machine learning, and automation for your cybersecurity plan. Ontech is ready to serve as your trusted Managed Security Service Provider!

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