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Providing IT solutions to the insurance and finance sector for over 15 years. By the very nature of your trade, you know loss prevention and risk better than any other. Naturally, keeping cost and risk under control is what your industry is all about – we believe your IT network should support this effort and ensure technology is working along with you, rather than against you.

You Know Loss Prevention and Risk. We Know Your Network

We have maintained 98% of our clients – one of the highest client retention rates in our industry.

From security threats to lengthy software upgrades, we understand time is money and productivity is of utmost importance to businesses within the insurance and finance industry. Our solutions meet and exceed the necessary compliance regulations in your industry.

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Our IT support and services have been rated 5 / 5 based on 10 testimonials from our clients.

“As our company has grown over the years, the Ontech staff has exceedingly met our needs and demands…”

“As our company has grown over the years, the Ontech staff has exceedingly met our needs and demands and helped us navigate through the evolving, and sometimes challenging, IT world.”

-SP, Cities and Villages Mutual Insurance Companies

Is Your Network Reliable, Scalable and Secure?

Whether you need remote support, 24×7 monitoring, backup and disaster recovery or you’re not sure where to begin, we will provide options within your budget that are reliable, scalable, secure and also allow for future growth as your technology and IT needs evolve.

Our technicians take pride in their ability to communicate effectively with the various users within the office. We know how important it is to reflect a professional image while onsite at your office.

If you’ve experienced sub-par IT support in the past, you know this type of unreliable support just doesn’t cut it. Ontech works along side with you to provide you with fast response time (you’ll get a phone call/email within an hour during normal business hours) and a very consultative approach to help you identify needs and options for network enhancements.

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Identify Hidden Security Loopholes in Your Network

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