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Ontech can support your cyber security needs as your dedicated IT provider or by working in tandem with your internal IT staff.

If your business already utilizes IT help desk services, you know what a time saver it is. But if you’re not familiar with this particular service, you might make the assumption that it’s primarily live chat or for enterprise businesses only.

Ontech’s help desk services are popular with businesses of all sizes. That’s why this service is included in our Advanced and Complete managed service bundles. IT support can be provided via phone call, email or chat. With a 1-2 minute response time (often shorter) and a dedicated support number, you won’t be wasting your valuable time on hold. You’ll get 24×7 support quickly when you need it most!

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What Businesses Benefit Most from Help Desk Services?

Our help desk fully supports all desktop related issues such as user or printing issues, remote connection, password reset, system lockout and more. While businesses of all sizes can benefit, this service is great for those who need support for everything from server to user – all for one monthly fixed cost. Fees are structured as pay per user, so you can have a unique number of seats for your business, depending on your needs.

Enterprise level businesses love that the service can be branded to their organization where caller ID reflects the name of the business. For years, Ontech’s IT help desk has supported 24×7 facilities (those open 24 hours per day) such as police and emergency departments as well their remote users and local staff with great success.

Beyond our local dispatching and service line, Ontech provides a true SLA backed Help Desk through our US Based network operations center. Support is always based in the United States, although there is a more economical option available for support based out of Brazil or India.

The ability to provide our clients on demand support on a 24×7, Business Hours, or after hour’s service model per user, has been a great our experience and solution for our users.

Help Desk can provide a consistent monthly cost per user, no matter what time or where they are in the world.

Managed Service Plan Features

Aside from IT help desk, Ontech’s Advanced and Complete managed service plans include a variety of other features such as:

  • Assigned after hour maintenance
  • Complete SOC services
  • Threat intelligence support
  • Advanced reporting for compliance
  • And a host of other security features

Download our managed service brochure to learn more and find the right plan to streamline your IT efforts and keep your network secure.

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Enterprise Help Desk

Knowledgeable, High Quality 24×7 IT Support

No matter what time or where they are in the world, Ontech has been providing enterprise level clients with on-demand support on a 24×7 through our Help Desk for years.

Our team is able to provide your business with the documentation, communication, reporting, and resolution time needed to manage your user needs so you can focus on other high level network tasks.

Help Desk Support Features:

  • 24×7 per user support
  • Dedicated support phone number, email & chat
  • Consistent monthly cost

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