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Ontech’s webinars and podcasts offer a comprehensive discussion regarding topics & challenges that businesses face.  Our goal is to provide our clients and prospects an educational experience on topics in today’s IT world.


COVID Phishing Scams

Executive director Jonathan Kowalskisits down with Keegan Bolstad of OnTech Systems about how COVID has influenced phishing scams and steps you can take to protect your business and personal information.

Phishing Scams

Want to know what the latest scam is? Join John May as he talks with Associate Director Dajen Bohacek about how to protect your company and yourself.

Virus? Malware? Swiss Cheese?

John May of Ontech Systems meets with Interim Executive Dajen Bohacek to discuss viruses, malware, device protection, and online security.

 5 Signs You Have Been Hacked

John May of OnTech Systems talks with Associate Director Dajen Bohacek about warning signs to watch for when using the computer.

Cyber Security

John May of OnTech Systems meets with Associate Director Dajen Bohacek to kick off our quarterly cyber-security podcast series.

Email Security: Once It’s Wired, It’s Gone

John May of Ontech Systems sits down with Executive Director, Jonathan Kowalski to discuss email security and why it is vital to your company’s wellbeing.

3-2-1 Backups
John May of Ontech Systems sits down Jonathan Kowalski, Executive Director of PMSMCA to talk about the importance of backups, how to go about getting the right provider, and the 3-2-1 rule!


SEO & Web Marketing Tips

The future of Google Search marketing

Managed Security Services for Business

Cybersecurity solutions overview
Office 365: Microsoft SharePoint
Maximize collaboration within your company
Why Your Next Server Should be in the Cloud

Exploring the benefits of the cloud

Working Securely Remotely
Keeping your data safe while working from home
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