Introducing Webroot Enhanced Security Training

Cyber security is a top priority for most businesses, and if it isn’t, it should be.  Cyber security basics can protect your business from cyber threats through a layered security approach. One of the most important fundamentals of cyber security involves educating staff through security awareness training.

Webroot Enhanced Security can ease the stress that comes with training staff on how to spot a potential cyber security threat.

“A study by the Ponemon Institute on the value of employee training showed that businesses who roll out security awareness training programs see improvements of between 26% and 99% in their phishing email click rates, with an average improvement of a 64%.2  “

2 Ponemon Institute. “The Cost of Phishing & Value of Employee Training.” (Aug 2015)

Webroot Enhanced Security provides a phishing simulator allowing you to create realistic phishing scams, that can mimic threats your business could potentially face.  This simulator enables you to track each email and how each user responds. Being able to see this data allows you to fill in those cyber security educational gaps with a full course library to assign the appropriate training to specific end users.

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