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An unreliable IT infrastructure for a law firm can directly result in lost money or opportunities. Whether your practice is large or small, in a fast paced environment where time is money and customer privacy is of critical importance, Ontech will work with you to ensure your technology is seamless, secure, reliable and worry-free.

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Ontech Systems has worked with law firms throughout Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin for over 15 years, providing cybersecurity and IT infrastructure support to all firms, large and small. Throughout that period of time, we have maintained 98% of our clients – one of the highest client retention rates in our industry. We understand an unreliable IT infrastructure for a law firm can directly result in lost money or opportunities.

Our technicians take pride in their ability to communicate effectively with the various users within the law firm while reflecting a professional image during their on-site visit at your office.

Ontech has a proven record of providing support services that are stable, efficient and create a streamlined network while meeting and exceeding the necessary compliance regulations for the legal industry.

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Our IT support and services have been rated 5 / 5 based on 10 testimonials from our clients.

80% of the Top 100 Law Firms Have Had a Security Breach

Did you know that according to Bloomberg Business, 80% of the country’s top 100 law firms have had a security breach? While this statistic may sound shocking, the reality is that many legal  firms (both large and small) simply don’t view security as a priority in their business or seek quality security support.

When things change within the legal services industry, a law firm must streamline their systems accordingly and find ways to more effectively manage the various stages of day-to-day workflow.

From preparing new clients, to performing research, sending out bills and other legal services, weak or outdated technology can hurt your bottom line through staff performance and reliability.

For example, if your phone system is less than reliable, your law firm could come to a screeching halt while repairs are made, hindering productivity. See how switching to VOIP helped this law firm direct more of their time to their clients.

Request a free network discovery today to see how we can work together to develop a plan for your network that not only meets your current cybersecurity needs, but also allows for future growth as your technology and IT support needs evolve.

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“Ontech has been one of the best service provider decisions we have made as a small business…”

“Ontech Systems, Inc. has been one of the best service provider decisions we have made as a small business. In the past 5 years we have reviewed many of our supplier and vendor relationships, and our relationship with Ontech has been one of the very few we have decided to keep without hesitation.

The reasons for this decision are expertise, price, service and most of all TRUST. Our interactions with Ontech, specifically with Kevin, Mark, and Mike, have been a partnership where they work with us to provide solutions that fit our business model and needs, not just what would benefit them financially. In fact, many times our best option as a small business is not the most expensive one.

In addition, we are in a business where our members are high level Manufacturing Executives who work long and non-traditional hours making it necessary for us to be operating 24/7. Ontech is with us every step of the way responding to our issues in a timely and professional manner causing us little to no downtime.

Ontech Systems, Inc was and is unquestionably the best choice for us and I would recommend them whole heartedly to any family member, friend or business colleague.”

-KR, The Paranet Group

Is Your Law Firm Making These Mistakes?

Unfortunately, while hackers used to engage in computer hacking for fun, or the challenge, their main driver is now about making money, particularly through extortion or blackmail. Law practices are particularly vulnerable due to the sensitive nature of information they deal with.

We meet with many Milwaukee area legal firms who believe they are doing enough to protect their sensitive data, but once we conduct an initial audit of their network, we often find common, yet completely avoidable mistakes that our security support solutions services can remedy.

We’ve discussed on our blog, the importance of a disaster recovery and continuity plan for any business, but it is critically important that your firm has a DR plan in place in order to bounce back from an unexpected event that could leave the practice vulnerable and inoperable.

Without a plan in place, a major (or minor) disaster could result in missed court appearances, hourly/daily income loss, irreversible loss of important client and firm data and perhaps the biggest loss of all, the loss of your valuable clients.

Many legal firms use mobile devices like laptops, mobile phones and iPads, but often these devices are not controlled or monitored by the firm. If emails are accessible on a personal mobile device without encryption, this presents a security risk due to the sensitive nature of client data.

If this data was stolen, accessed without your knowledge or ended up in the wrong hands, it could present a serious violation of trust for your clients and permanently damage your brand and ability to provide legal services.

Mobile Device Security Solutions For Milwaukee Area Law Firms

One of the most popular IT support services Milwaukee area firms inquire about is mobile device management, due to the flexibility and control your practice can gain over lost devices, data ownership, encryption and secure file sharing.

For example, did you know Mobile Device Management provides pass-code and encryption enforcement, in addition to the ability to remotely locate, lock and wipe out sensitive company data from lost or stolen devices?

With any Mobile Device Management solution, Ontech Systems can provide support in defining your firm’s “bring your own device” BYOD policy. There is a fine line between maintaining employee satisfaction while securing control over sensitive data. If you don’t have a mobile device policy in place, without question, your network is at risk.

It’s no secret that Dropbox ‘s services present a security risk, as it does not meet many of the certifications (HIPAA, PCI certifications, FERPA, ISO 9001, ISO 2001, etc.) that would qualify it as a secure file sharing application.

In fact, Dropbox has endured several very public security breaches and the company admits it does not meet these security requirements. Some Milwaukee area legal firms still use Dropbox for sharing large files with colleagues and clients. While IT staff can prevent the application from being downloaded, the online version is still available and as a result, the most effective way to stop its use altogether is to offer an alternative. Additionally, the next step is to educate staff throughout the firm about the security risks of consumer grade file sharing services.

At Ontech Systems, many of our clients now use Anchor, a type of BYOD services that support the growing bring your own device trend by making it possible for employees to access their files on any device and collaborate with colleagues, clients and business partners.

Now is the time to begin a firm-wide conversation about file sharing, BYOD and security in general at your Milwaukee area firm.

A study by, a global leader in investigations, intelligence and risk services, revealed that 87% of Senior Managers upload business files to a personal email or cloud account.

All it takes is just one employee to send an unencrypted email with HIPAA protected information in it and your practice could suffer a hefty fine.

All employees at your firm – partners included – need to be on the same page about security and the efforts to support it. After all, your people pose the greatest security threat to your firm, not technology. The risks around staff are great and educating them is critical.

Many firms don’t change the original passwords that came with their desktop computers and if they do, they set up a simple password like “password” or “12345” for ease of use.

This leaves sensitive information open to physical theft and the possibility of a disgruntled employee accessing the system after termination has taken place.

When you discuss security policies with your staff, it is best practice to require a change of passwords at certain intervals, such as when a desktop is inactive.

Mobile Device Security Risk for Law Firms

Mobile data is at higher risk than desktop data since the device can be lost, stolen or accessed easily by anyone with access to it, even if only for a brief period of time. When discussing best practices in security with staff, be sure to establish policies that include mandates on passwords and password changes for mobile devices. Some mobile devices now offer security conveniences, such as the fingerprint reader on the latest iPhone, which helps this safety precaution become less of a burden on attorneys and staff.

While there are many other security vulnerabilities that put your network at risk, these are the top 5 mistakes we typically see when conducting a Free Network Discovery for legal firms.

If your Milwaukee or southeastern WI firm is in need of IT consulting, security solutions, advice on establishing BYOD policies, or any other IT related issue, call our office at (262) 522-8560 or contact us by email. We’ll help your firm operate more efficiently, remain HIPAA compliant and spend less time on IT related issues like cybersecurity.

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