3 Things to Look for in a Managed Services Provider

The Managed service approach makes sense for many businesses. For a small, fixed monthly fee, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your systems are monitored 24/7.

  • Patches are applied
  • Backups are made
  • Viruses are kept at bay
  • Many other proactive measures are performed on a monthly basis, like clockwork

This approach ensures little problems don’t become big, (expensive) problems and in most cases, you won’t even know there was an issue.

3 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Managed Service Providers

Interested in managed IT services, but not Sure if this solution is right for your business?

Watch this short 2 minute video for a quick overview in “layman’s terms” of what managed services can do for you.

The Major Expense of Technology? It’s Not What You Might Think

Did you know the typical small business spends 6.4% of its revenue on technology? While that number may not surprise you, what you might not know is 80% of the cost comes AFTER the initial purchase.

It becomes obvious that acquiring new technology isn’t nearly as expensive as ensuring it consistently performs well. Wouldn’t you prefer your IT systems be an investment in your business growth rather than a drag on profitability?

Since managed services are often one of several services an IT company provides, evaluating the company as a whole is a good place to start.

1) How Long have you Been in Business?

Reliability and reputation are undoubtedly the single biggest factor you want to look for when evaluating IT companies. While Ontech Systems has provided technical solutions to businesses throughout the Greater Milwaukee area for 10+ years, many companies in the IT sector have been around for shorter periods.

Ultimately, you’ll want to evaluate a companies’ reputation for yourself through online reviews, customer testimonials and references. Experience within your given industry is also a plus.

2) What is your Response time?

Be sure to set expectations prior to signing a contract so you don’t run into surprises months down the road. When it comes to your network, response time is crucial. Make sure you understand what happens – and what will be in place, should a network failure occur.

3) How Long is the Contract and What Does it Cover?

Carefully evaluate exactly what is – and isn’t covered. Consider factors like:

  • Does your managed service plan cover mobile device management?
  • What type of customer care is included?
  • Will your network be managed 24/7? Who will be overseeing it?
  • Is your IT help desk located here or overseas?
  • Are adequate backup systems in place to support our network and/or industry regulations?
  • Is certain software or hardware included or excluded?

During your initial evaluation, discuss your network in detail to ensure the IT company fully understands what areas of your network need to be addressed – and included – in your contract.

When making a decision on a managed IT service provider, choose wisely. Investing in technology is much more than a financial investment – you’re investing a great deal of trust in the IT company with your valuable company data.

We’ll Help You Put Your IT Budget To Better Use

Managed services can help you plan and budget for fluctuating IT needs. Those who switch to the managed service approach, come to appreciate peace of mind knowing their network is monitored 24/7 and immediate help – when and where you need it – is just a phone call away.

Are you ready to sit down and develop a plan to integrate managed IT services into your Milwaukee area business? Call us at (262) 522-8560 or contact us online for answers to any lingering questions you might have about this or any other comprehensive IT solution. Remember, Ontech Systems can work in tandem with your in-house IT staff or we can serve as your dedicated IT company.

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