Microsoft has announced pricing changes for their Microsoft 365 subscriptions. On March 1, 2022, price increases will go into effect for specific license types. In addition, between now and July 1, 2022, there are plan changes pertaining to commitment and subscription terms that will be required. The details for these are not finalized and are therefore subject to change by Microsoft over the next few months. The following lists the specific license types and new price, per month-per user, that will go into effect on March 1, 2022:

• Office 365 E1: $10 (from $8)
• Office 365 E3: $23 (from $20)
• Office 365 E5: $38 (from $35)
• Microsoft 365 E3: $36 (from $32)
• Business Basic: $6 (from $5)
• Business Premium: $24 (from $20)

The following lists the changes relating to subscription terms and commitments that will be put into effect between now and July 1, 2022 (subject to change):

Monthly Subscriptions with no Committed Term Will be Subject To a 20% Fee
• Refunds will not be provided for licenses removed during the month term
• Any licenses removed will be reflected on the next month’s billing cycle
Annual Commitment Subscriptions Will Not Be Subject To an Additional Fee
• Can be paid monthly or annually
• For monthly payments, customer will be responsible for all 12 installments of the annual commitment
• Refunds will not be provided for licenses removed during the annual term

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