5 Ways Your Company Culture Can Contribute to Cybersecurity

Creating cyber resiliency within your organization doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a strategy that addresses all forms of potential attacks, including those that could involve your employee base. Having the proper security measures, firewalls, IT plan, and team in place is only one part of the picture – investing in education, training, and building an overall culture that cultivates cybersecurity is the other. The best way for organizations to protect themselves from pending cyber threats is to address both areas in a clear and strategic way so you, your employees, and your organization feel protected, empowered, and proactive. Here are 5 ways to foster a culture of cybersecurity in your company.

Model Leadership Buy-In

“Culture” is a popular term these days, especially with the sensitivity around remote work, the Great Resignation, and work-life balance. It is also something that is constantly evolving as new ideas come to the table, team members gain experience, and C-suite executives assess risk, change, and productivity within the company. It’s no easy feat to establish a positive culture in general within your organization and it is something that needs constant care and attention, regardless of your cybersecurity status. This is why leadership buy-in is crucial. Understanding the value cybersecurity brings to your culture and the role C-suite leadership plays in modeling those values will have a ripple effect on the entire organization. To inspire confidence and purpose in your team, it’s crucial to first clarify your own “why,” or the underlying reasons and motivations driving your actions. Only then can you effectively communicate your “how,” or the specific steps and strategies you’ll take to achieve your goals.

Create a Strategy

Speaking of the “how”, this is where strategy comes into play. Creating a strong cybersecurity infrastructure and fostering a culture that supports it are both crucial elements of your overall strategy. Investing in the right cybersecurity infrastructure is important, but it’s equally important to ensure that your employees are supportive of the infrastructure you’ve put in place. Therefore, your success in this area will depend on how effectively you balance these two components. Taking the time to ask and answer big questions about your data, risk, security, troubleshooting plans, and repair will help you get clear on the message and action you need to take to build cyber resiliency in your organization.

Cover Your Bases

Cybersecurity requires a level of technology, coverage, and support. One way to ensure your team is comfortable with your cybersecurity plan is to have your bases covered. Not all businesses may have a designated IT department, or perhaps the burden of such an important business asset is too great for one person to manage on their own – this is where we come in! Working with an outsourced IT firm like Ontech can give your team the confidence and security needed to be successful. Our team will take on the responsibility of assessing and addressing risks and establishing the proper technology, coverage, and support needed to meet your organization’s cybersecurity needs. Talk with the Ontech Systems, Inc. team today to learn more about Managed IT services!

Implement Regular Training & Education

Another way to ensure that you’re cultivating a culture that supports cybersecurity is to offer regular training sessions on the topic. The digital landscape is ever-changing and new threats come into the market every day. Giving your team the right information to help them stay curious and informed about possible risks and threats can really make a difference in your cybersecurity.

According to the Data Breach Investigation Report, more than 80% of data breaches in organizations involved a “human element”. This implies that the threats being received are aimed at your employees, rather than bypassing your firewall protection unnoticed. To get ahead of this, regular training, education, and conversation are key. Talk with Ontech Systems, Inc. to learn more about training opportunities for your company.

Encourage Communication

Modeling the significance of cybersecurity, devising a strategy, implementing adequate coverage, and providing training are crucial steps in strengthening your organization’s security, but they are not sufficient without fostering a culture of secure and open communication about cybersecurity. Knowing that many of the security breaches that companies face are targeted and due to human error or interaction can create a lot of fear and shame around the topic. A culture that fosters open communication, encourages questions, and values curiosity can save your company time and money in the long run. To achieve this, work with your HR department, C-suite leaders, and IT department to establish a plan and protocol that fosters no-shame communication around cybersecurity. When employees feel safe to raise concerns and admit their mistakes, your organization will be better equipped to handle potential threats.

Next Steps

At Ontech Systems, Inc., we are dedicated to simplifying your business IT needs and securing your organization. With nearly 20 years of experience as an outsourced IT solutions provider, we work with businesses of all sizes to provide powerful yet straightforward solutions that help you and your team adopt secure business practices. Our people are our product, and we invest heavily in their skills to provide you with the very best. Let us help you build cyber resiliency and take control of your cybersecurity – contact us today!

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