Cloud Backup Misconceptions

Myth #1) Cloud Backup is Expensive

Compared to the cost of purchasing and maintaining an in-house server, cloud based backup is surprising affordable – and you can scale up or down as needed.

With cyber hackers continually becoming more inventive (i.e. the DDOS attack via IoT connected devices), today’s in-house IT expert needs to upgrade their knowledge on an ongoing basis. This training costs money, as does monitoring on-site servers for cyber-attacks. Cloud backup on the other hand, covers everything from data backups to cloud data transfer plans, which can lead to substantial savings for businesses.

Myth #2) Cloud Backup is Not Secure

Data breaches might capture widespread media attention, but these security breaches are quite often a result of vulnerabilities at a business level.

Although it might sound obvious, small to mid-sized businesses don’t take data security as seriously as cloud providers whose business depends on their ability to provide the tightest security possible.

Cloud providers are not only better prepared to handle data security, but they also take care of ongoing data maintenance issues like security patches and software updates.

Myth #3) Cloud Backup is Not Reliable

Cloud providers are tasked with keeping data secure and readily available to companies around the world. From daily backups to data stored in global data centers and multiple cloud providers for additional security, cloud backup is actually more reliable than an on-site data backup.

Contrast this to storing data on site, where employees might forget to run a backup, disgruntled staff could deliberately sabotage or remove data drives, and disastrous events like fires and floods could render data stored on-site useless. When it comes to data reliability, cloud backup wins every time.

Myth #4) Cloud Backup is Difficult to Use

This myth stems from the misconception that it is difficult or time-consuming to retrieve data from a cloud provider, when in fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Speed is of the essence for cloud providers; the quicker customers get access to data, the more satisfied they are as a customer. A seamless transmission of data ensures that cloud customers continue to see their monthly costs as money well spent.

Myth #5) “Our Data is backed up and Secure”

Many businesses assume that because they backup data on-site, their sensitive company information is secure. Unfortunately, few businesses actually test their backups to ensure data is accessible in the event of a disaster. It is only once an emergency occurs, that they discover their data wasn’t saved or is unable to be retrieved.

Myth #6) The Cloud is Just for Large Enterprise Businesses

Large corporations aren’t the only businesses that hackers target. Small and medium-sized businesses are prime pickings for cyber attackers. Lax security measures allow online criminals to steal valuable company data, with many business owners not even knowing their data has been compromised – until it’s too late. Cloud backups ensure data is safely stored, regardless of business size.

Myth #7) There is No Difference between Storage and Backup

Cloud storage is fine for things like file sharing or mobile access, but it won’t protect you from the most common forms of data loss. A true backup solution with versioning capabilities is the only way to fully protect data from a disaster that may arise.

Microsoft Azure Backup Misconceptions

Since Microsoft Azure is relatively new to the market, there are widespread misconceptions about the service, specifically in terms of backup. For our final two misconceptions, we’re zeroing in on this topic to clear up widespread confusion about Azure’s backup solution.

Myth #8) Azure Backup is Just for Windows Servers

Since Azure is a product of Microsoft, business owners and managers often assume that Azure backups can only be run on Windows servers, when in fact, Azure backups can also be run on Linux servers.

If you’re unclear about the difference between Linux and Windows backup options and servers, call Ontech Systems at 262-522-8560 or contact us online and request a free network discovery.

We’ll advise you as to the best backup solutions for your business. We believe it is important for you to feel completely comfortable with your data backup solution, so our qualified staff is more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Myth #9) Azure Isn’t as Capable as Other Backup Solutions

Because Azure is relatively new compared to other cloud solutions, some business owners fear that Azure is less capable of handling their data. Microsoft is one of the world’s most trusted brands and their Azure cloud solutions fall directly in line with any other cloud service in terms of disaster recovery.

At Ontech Systems, our goal is to secure your network and put your mind at ease so you can focus on your business. We’ll help you make the right cloud backup decisions and provide you with an unbiased perspective on a variety of cloud solutions. With direct access to Azure technical support representatives at Microsoft, we can work with your in house IT staff or act as an outside IT consultant.

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