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Cloud Backup Services for Greater Milwaukee Businesses

Business-grade cloud backup services offer enterprise grade technology that’s affordable and accessible to employees anytime, anywhere. Cloud backup solutions can be less expensive than replacing your current backup hardware.

With encrypted servers and company data stored securely in the cloud, natural disasters are no longer a threat, minimizing possible risks to your business.

Data backup solutions and disaster recovery has long been a top priority for Ontech and small and medium-sized businesses we serve throughout Greater Milwaukee.

The ability to effectively design, plan, and implement a proper solution is critical to any business continuity plan.  Over time, our Milwaukee area clients have utilized many services to secure their data offsite. Our cloud based solutions provide clients with an array of solutions for a fully comprehensive cloud backup and data recovery plan.

Ontech offers a variety of cloud backup solutions to meet the most basic needs such as email backup, up to advanced cloud backup needs for businesses with very high requirements.  Availability, fast restore times, and security safeguards to meet HIPAA, SOX, FIPS, etc. compliances are all available.

Cloud backup services for business

Khaled Salem – Account Manager

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The Best Cloud Backup Solution?

Your backup needs are as unique as your business and a one-size-fits-all cloud backup solution isn’t likely to fit the bill.
The answer ultimately depend on your needs, your budget, and your overall backup requirements. From disaster recovery, to cloud-based email solutions, file sharing solutions and more, we’ll help you find the right solution to fit your needs and budget.

Get started by reviewing our data backup checklist or contact our account team to discuss to your data backup and disaster recovery plan and determine if our cloud backup solutions can be a fit for your needs and budget.

There are many other important questions to consider and without a clearly defined data backup and disaster recovery plan in place, some questions may remain unanswered, unknown and unaddressed…that is, until a disaster does take place.

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