Strengthen Your Cybersecurity During Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and in today’s digitally connected world, staying safe online is more important now than ever. Ensuring the security of your business data may appear primarily technical, and indeed, it is. However, the top consideration is to recognize that safeguarding your company’s personnel and the promotion of cyber awareness should take precedence. Education is one of the best defenses against security threats because people are also the greatest vulnerability. Approximately 74% of breaches involve a human error, which includes falling victim to social engineering attacks or misuse.

Ontech Systems, Inc. provides useful tips and information year-round to help you stay safe and vigilant when using technology and the internet at work or in your personal life. In honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, here are some of the latest cybersecurity tips, reports, and information to help you protect yourself and your organization from online threats.

Cybersecurity Tip #1 – Strong Passwords are Key

The foundation of your online security is a strong password. To ensure your passwords are complex, include a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols, and avoid using easily guessable information like birthdays or names. Consider using a reputable password manager to keep track of your passwords securely.

Cybersecurity Tip #2 – Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA adds an extra layer of security by requiring you to provide multiple forms of identification before granting access. Whenever possible, enable MFA for your online accounts and devices to discourage hackers even if they manage to steal your password.

Cybersecurity Tip #3 – Keep Software Updated

Hackers often exploit vulnerabilities in outdated software. Make sure your operating system, applications, and antivirus software are always up to date. Enable automatic updates whenever possible to ensure you’re protected against known vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity Tip #4 – Educate Your Team

If you’re a business owner or manager, invest in cybersecurity training for your employees. Human error is a common factor in security breaches, and educating your team about the latest threats and best practices can significantly reduce the risk of an incident. Ontech offers security training through our cybersecurity and managed-IT services. Ask us about it to learn more!


Stay Vigilant Year-Round

While Cybersecurity Awareness Month serves as a reminder to prioritize online safety, cybersecurity should be a year-round commitment. By following these tips, staying informed about the latest threats, and fostering a culture of security, you can help protect yourself and your organization from cyberattacks.

Remember that cybersecurity is a constantly evolving field, so staying up to date with the latest information is crucial for your online safety. Use this month as an opportunity to strengthen your defenses and make cybersecurity a top priority.

Stay safe online and keep your business secure! Chat with an Ontech Systems, Inc. cybersecurity expert today to learn more about how to tune up your organization’s cybersecurity.

Top Cybersecurity Resources of 2023

The field of cybersecurity is expansive, offering a wealth of valuable resources to educate users on various strategies for protection against threats. Many of these resources are readily accessible at no cost, such as an online tool that can instantly assess the strength of your password.

Ontech Systems, Inc. helps businesses stay protected by offering managed IT, cybersecurity, and other technical services. Curious to learn more about our approach? An excellent starting point is to request our FREE Network Discovery. This complimentary on-site assessment is designed to provide you with insights into the strengths and vulnerabilities of your IT infrastructure.

For more insights, check out our extensive blog library with information, tips, and insights on topics such as ransomware, avoiding phishing scams, setting strong passwords, the good and bad about AI, creating a cyber culture, network security, and so much more!

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