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As security threats continue to grow, so does the risk of cyber threats infiltrating your business. Remember the good old days when you felt protected simply by installing antivirus software on your PC?

An Advanced Antivirus “On Steroids”

Traditional antivirus isn’t good enough anymore.

The latest threats like SIM cracking for cell phones, ransomware, and email phishing are so complex and so complicated that today, you need the ability to detect a threat – before it occurs.

In our current cyber climate, an advanced security solution and layered security approach is now necessary to guard against ongoing security threats.

In keeping with a layered security approach, think of Ontech Managed Security as a new layer added on top of other cyber security basics like a good backup, antivirus updates, server updates, strong passwords, and more.

Ontech Managed Security is a fully encompassing “suit of armor” standing between cyber threats and your business data. Often referred to as an enhanced antivirus on steroids, Ontech Managed Security is installed on individual workstations that act as beacons, tracking the security of your network itself.

How it Works

Ontech Managed Security includes an ongoing 24/7 security monitoring service that detects vulnerabilities. If a threat is found, it sets off an alert that triggers a chain of events either manually or through your IT provider, the Network Operations Center (NOC), or the Security Operations Center (SOC).

Any necessary steps are then taken to stop the threat or assess and mitigate damages accordingly. Ontech Managed Security includes a variety of tools to combat threats including:

Ontech Managed Security Evolves with Your Network

One great aspect of Ontech Managed Security is that it is fully customizable based on the level of support you need. It uses machine learning and cloud based intelligence to evolve as threats continue to grow. This cyber security solution is far more intelligent than a piece of software – the more you use it, the stronger your network is going to be.

Ongoing Proactive, Threat Intelligence for Users

Ultimately, users are the biggest risk in any network. If your staff isn’t aren’t aware of threats and what to watch out for, they increase the risk of cyber threats infiltrating your network. For this reason, security training through Webroot is a critical part of keeping your network secure.

Who Needs Ontech Managed Security?

Most businesses can benefit from this robust security solution. Whether your organization needs to maintain compliance through a regulatory body like HIPAA or you handle personally identifiable information (PII), Ontech Managed Security can help you minimize the risk and maintain compliance.

Healthcare organizations, insurance companies, law firms, investment brokers, and CPA’s can all greatly benefit from Ontech Managed Security due to the sensitive information these companies work with on a daily basis. It is easily scalable and can be configured for an individual user or for hundreds of users in an enterprise environment.

How to Get Started

Just contact our support team today to see how Ontech Managed Security can help you strengthen your network security. Give us a call at 262-522-8560 or submit a request online and let us know how we can help.

Schedule a Security Assessment

Another great way to get started is by scheduling a security assessment so you can identify where your risks are and make an educated decision on what solutions you truly need.

The truth is, you really don’t know what you’re faced with until you do an assessment and for a one-time, fixed fee, you can run a security assessment and develop an action. Based on your assessment results, we can prioritize vulnerabilities into high, medium, and low risks to give you a comprehensive look at your network security.

While a security assessment isn’t a mandatory step, it is a great way to take that first proactive step toward securing your network.

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